Dupree Family Tree

Shelia Kay Allen

Person Chart

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Former Partner
David Everal Pickett Husband (Divorced)
David Royce "Roy" Pickett Son
Paula Louise "Sissy" Pickett Daughter
Doris "Dot" Loftin Mother-in-law
Dawson Zebedee "Posh" Pickett Father-in-law Red River Parish, LA 18 May 1933 19 Apr 2002
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
Joey Pickett Brother-in-law
Neal Pickett Brother-in-law Shreveport, LA 27 Oct 1967 22 Jul 2005
Nephews & Nieces
Candace Nicole Pickett Niece-in-law
Jenny Lynn Pickett Niece-in-law
Kristopher Pickett Nephew-in-law
Michael Pickett Nephew-in-law
Thomas Len "Tommy" Pickett Nephew-in-law
Dave Pickett Grandfather-in-law
Hazel Moseley Grandmother-in-law
Joseph Everal "Runt" Loftin Grandfather-in-law Red River Parish, LA 18 Sep 1909 Shreveport, LA 13 Oct 1983
Osalie Rawls Grandmother-in-law Red River Parish, LA 3 Aug 1910 Shreveport, LA 4 Aug 1995
Great grandparents-in-law
Clifton Rawls Great grandfather-in-law
Jesse Unknown Great grandmother-in-law
Ida Estella Huckabay Great grandmother-in-law 11 Sep 1877 10 Jan 1962
John Griffin Loftin Great grandfather-in-law Red River Parish, LA 15 Sep 1878 15 Apr 1942
Second great grandparents-in-law
Morgan Pinkney Columbus Huckabay Second great grandfather-in-law Gadsden Cnty., FL 15 Jul 1849 Bienville Parish, LA 1942
William Washington "W. W." Loftin Second great grandfather-in-law 28 Sep 1853 21 Nov 1935
Mattie Ellen Turnbow Second great grandmother-in-law ABT 1855 1910
Artimacy Amanda "Missie" Dupree Second great grandmother-in-law Georgia 1 Feb 1859 23 Jul 1899
Third great grandparents-in-law
William Dothan Loftin Third great grandfather-in-law Dale County, AL 19 Nov 1825 Red River Parish, LA 24 Dec 1900
Litha Ann Quincy Smith Third great grandmother-in-law Jefferson Cnty., South Carolina 6 Feb 1826 Red River Parish, LA 18 Sep 1864
Dr. Daniel Ivy Dupree Third great grandfather-in-law Georgia 19 Jul 1830 Red River Parish, Louisiana 3 Aug 1899
Susan Francis Hogan Third great grandmother-in-law Laurens County, Georgia 18 Jan 1837 Red River Parish, Louisiana 9 Jul 1909
Fourth great grandparents-in-law
William Loftin Fourth great grandfather-in-law North Carolina 11 May 1785 Dale County, AL 31 Aug 1852
Nancy Morris Fourth great grandmother-in-law 10 Feb 1794 12 Feb 1847
Uriah Griffin Bonaparte Hogan Fourth great grandfather-in-law 24 Jan 1804 Laurens County, GA 24 May 1888
Rev. John Dupree Fourth great grandfather-in-law Georgia, Burke County 25 Mar 1806 Georgia 16 May 1898
Martha H. Culpepper Fourth great grandmother-in-law Laurens County, GA 9 Jan 1808 12 Nov 1871
Mary Ann Taylor Fourth great grandmother-in-law Georgia 1817 Red River Parish, Louisiana 1881
Fifth great grandparents-in-law
John or James Hogan Fifth great grandfather-in-law
William Benoni Loftin Fifth great grandfather-in-law Lenoir County, NC 1762 ABT 1848
Rachel Unknown Fifth great grandmother-in-law North Carolina ABT 1776
Henry Culpepper Fifth great grandfather-in-law 11 May 1781 5 Jan 1822
Nancy Swain Fifth great grandmother-in-law 1782
Dr. Thomas Dupree Fifth great grandfather-in-law Virginia 14 Sep 1784 Laurens County, Georgia 3 Jul 1816
Edith Smith Eady? Fifth great grandmother-in-law 4 Feb 1786 ABT 1839
Cynthia McDonald Fifth great grandmother-in-law North Carolina 12 Jul 1786 Laurens County, Georgia 21 Sep 1852
6th great grandparents-in-law
Jamira Lanier 6th great grandmother-in-law
Job Swain 6th great grandfather-in-law Bertie County, NC 20 Feb 1746/1747 Warren Co., GA 12 Feb 1819
Mary Gibson 6th great grandmother-in-law 1754 or 1759 AFT 1801
Randall McDonald 6th great grandfather-in-law
John Dupree , Jr. 6th great grandfather-in-law Brunswick County, Virginia 1738 Jefferson County, Georgia 1806
Elkanah Loftin Jr. 6th great grandfather-in-law Dobbs/Lenoir? County, NC 1744 Dobbs/Lenoir? County, NC 1776
Rebecca Jordan 6th great grandmother-in-law Brunswick County, Virginia 1744 1785 or 1786
Ann Lovick 6th great grandmother-in-law Dobbs/Lenoir? County, NC ABT 1748
Griffin Hogan 6th great grandfather-in-law 1754 Wilkinson County GA Jul 1827
Susanna Smith 6th great grandmother-in-law Bertie County, NC 11 Apr 1782 Taliaferro Co., GA 12 Feb 1819
7th great grandparents-in-law
Judith 7th great grandmother-in-law Wilkes Co., GA ABT 1792
Rachel Herring 7th great grandmother-in-law Duplin County, NC
Sarah Blount 7th great grandmother-in-law
Thomas Lovick 7th great grandfather-in-law 1680 May 1759
John Louis Dupre 7th great grandfather-in-law 1710 Greenville City, Virginia 1788
Lucy Little 7th great grandmother-in-law 1712 1788
Elkanah Loftin 7th great grandfather-in-law New Bern, Craven County, NC ABT 1726
Walter Gibson 7th great grandfather-in-law Anson, NC ABT 1730 Wilkes Co., GA ABT Nov 1791
Ruth Hogan 7th great grandmother-in-law ABT 1733 ABT 1797
Shadrach Hogan 7th great grandfather-in-law Anson, Co., NC ABT 1734 Lincoln Co., GA ABT 1800
8th great grandparents-in-law
Belle Unknown 8th great grandmother-in-law
G.P. Lovick 8th great grandfather-in-law
Unknown Smith 8th great grandmother-in-law
Mary West 8th great grandmother-in-law Amelia County, Virginia 1694 South Carolina
Samuel Bayley Dupre 8th great grandfather-in-law Virginia 1694 Craven County, South Carolina 1772
Benoni Loftin 8th great grandfather-in-law Kinston, Craven County, NC 16 Jan 1701 Dobbs, Lenoir County, NC 6 Jan 1786
9th great grandparents-in-law
Elizabeth H. 9th great grandmother-in-law
Leonard Loftin 9th great grandfather-in-law Pennsylvania ABT 1654 New Bern, Craven County, NC 11 Apr 1720
Jean Louis Dupre , IV 9th great grandfather-in-law 1658 1735
Elizabeth Unknown 9th great grandmother-in-law Chowan County, NC ABT 1670 Chowan County, NC
10th great grandparents-in-law
Elizabeth Unknown 10th great grandmother-in-law Hartford County, MD ABT 1716
Mary 10th great grandmother-in-law
Leonard Loftin 10th great grandfather-in-law Kent, England ABT 1616 Virginia ABT 1658
Thomas Allen Dupre 10th great grandfather-in-law England 1633 Ireland 1693
11th great grandparents-in-law
Mary Marguerite 11th great grandmother-in-law
Jean Louis Dupre , III 11th great grandfather-in-law France 1610 Ireland 1683
12th great grandparents-in-law
Marguerite Marie Gariner 12th great grandmother-in-law
Jean Louis Dupre , Jr. 12th great grandfather-in-law France 1580 Cornwall, England 1649


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