Dupree Family Tree

Elizabeth Dupre

Person Chart

Additional Names

Additional Names Name
Married Name Mrs. William Grissett, Sr.


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
Samuel Bayley Dupre 1694 Mary West 1694

Person Events

Event Type Date Place Description
Birth 1716
Death 1782

Kinship Report

Name Type Place of Birth Date of Birth Place of Death Date of Death
Brothers & Sisters
John Louis Dupre Brother 1710 Greenville City, Virginia 1788
Samuel Bayley Dupre , Jr. Brother 1712 1792
Frances West Dupre Sister 1714
Esther Amy Dupre Sister 1718
Daniel Cornelius Dupre Brother 1721 1792
Jane Elizabeth Dupre Sister 1723
Lewis (James) Dupre Brother 1725 27 Dec 1800
Josias Gainier Dupre Brother 1727
Mary West Mother Amelia County, Virginia 1694 South Carolina
Samuel Bayley Dupre Father Virginia 1694 Craven County, South Carolina 1772
Elizabeth H. Grandmother
Jean Louis Dupre , IV Grandfather 1658 1735
Great grandparents
Mary Great grandmother
Thomas Allen Dupre Great grandfather England 1633 Ireland 1693
Second great grandparents
Mary Marguerite Second great grandmother
Jean Louis Dupre , III Second great grandfather France 1610 Ireland 1683
Third great grandparents
Marguerite Marie Gariner Third great grandmother
Jean Louis Dupre , Jr. Third great grandfather France 1580 Cornwall, England 1649
Brothers- & Sisters-In-Law
Lucy Little Sister-in-law 1712 1788
Nephews & Nieces
Laurina Dupree Niece
Mary Dupree Niece
Lewis Dupree Nephew Isle Wright, VA 1734 Greensville, VA Jan 1787
Robert Dupree Nephew 1736 1774
John Dupree , Jr. Nephew Brunswick County, Virginia 1738 Jefferson County, Georgia 1806
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Charlotte Dupree Grandniece
John Dupree Grandnephew
Lucy Dupree Grandniece
Sarah Dupree Grandniece
Wylie Dupree Grandnephew
Harold Jackson Dupree Grandnephew Virginia 1760 Georgia
James Dupree Grandnephew Virginia 1780
Dr. Thomas Dupree Grandnephew Virginia 14 Sep 1784 Laurens County, Georgia 3 Jul 1816
Great grandnephews & Great grandnieces
James Dupree Great grandnephew
Rebecca Dupree Great grandniece 1804
Rev. John Dupree Great grandnephew Georgia, Burke County 25 Mar 1806 Georgia 16 May 1898
Mary Polly Dupree Great grandniece 1810
Sarah Dupree Great grandniece 1810 1834
Thomas W. Dupree Great grandnephew 1812 25 Aug 1885
Nancy Louise Dupree Great grandniece 1813 1899
Second grandnephews & Second grandnieces
Missouri Dupree Second grandniece
Dr. Daniel Ivy Dupree Second grandnephew Georgia 19 Jul 1830 Red River Parish, Louisiana 3 Aug 1899
Mary Diadem "Polly" Dupree Second grandniece 1831
Nancy Dupree Second grandniece 1832
Cynthia Ann Elizabeth Dupree Second grandniece 1834 1912
Sarah "Sal" L. Dupree Second grandniece 1834
Martha Dupree Second grandniece 1835
Cynthia Elizabeth Dupree Second grandniece Wilkinson County, GA 15 Oct 1836 Laurens County, GA Aug 1913
Stewart Dupree Second grandnephew 1837 Infancy
Benjamin Ira Dupree Second grandnephew Wilkinson County, GA 27 Jan 1839 Virginia 9 JUL 1862
Newton Dupree Second grandnephew 1841 Camp Moore, Delhi, LA druing the Civil War 18 Oct 1861
Third grandnephews & Third grandnieces
John Alfred Breedlove Third grandnephew
Olive Elizabeth Bishop Third grandniece Irwington, Wilkinson County, GA 11 Dec 1853 Laurens County, GA 1907
John Alfred Breedlove Third grandnephew Georgia 11 Nov 1854 Red River Parish, LA 20 Jul 1905
Martha Ellen "Ellie" Dupree Third grandniece Georgia 4 Dec 1854 26 Nov 1883
Mildred Amanda Bishop Third grandniece Irwington, Wilkinson County, GA 5 Aug 1855 22 Jul 1905
Mary Louvenia "Lou" Dupree Third grandniece Georgia 5 Mar 1857 Red River Parish, LA 30 Jul 1910
Thomas Dupree Bishop Third grandnephew Irwington, Wilkinson County, GA 23 Oct 1857 Died as an Infant
Mary Francis Bishop Third grandniece Irwington, Wilkinson County, GA 23 Nov 1858 1870
Artimacy Amanda "Missie" Dupree Third grandniece Georgia 1 Feb 1859 23 Jul 1899
William Coney Bishop Third grandnephew Irwington, Wilkinson County, GA 28 Jul 1860 18 Jul 1907
Cornelia Louisiana Bonaparte "Nelia" Dupree Third grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 30 Jan 1861 Shreveport, LA 30 Jul 1948
Elvenia Miranda Bishop Third grandniece Irwington, Wilkinson County, GA 21 Nov 1862 Died as an Infant
Laura Jane "Janie" Dupree Third grandniece Coushatta, LA 30 Jan 1863 Coushatta, LA 10 Jul 1951
Henrietta Benjamin " Bennie" Dupree Third grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 8 Jun 1865 Coushatta, LA 21 Nov 1948
John Griffin Dupree Third grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 6 Jan 1868 Red River Parish, LA 23 Jan 1870
Daniel Webster "Webbie" Dupree Third grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 6 Jan 1869 Red River Parish, Louisiana 10 Nov 1951
John Daniel "Buddy" Dupree Third grandnephew Clear Springs Comunity Red River Parish, Louisiana 4 Apr 1872 Monroe, Louisiana 27 Jul 1951
William Daniel "Willie" Dupree Third grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 22 Apr 1874 23 Sep 1935
Susan Frances "Susie" Dupree Third grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 2 Feb 1875 11 Apr 1954
Daniel Ivy Dupree , Jr. Third grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 11 Mar 1878 Coushatta, Louisiana 11 Oct 1943
Fourth grandnephews & Fourth grandnieces
Latha Breedlove Fourth grandniece
Lucy Cornelia Dupree Fourth grandniece
Mary Susan Teer Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 8 Oct 1872 5 Jun 1951
John Ivy Teer Fourth grandnephew 1 Jun 1874 Baton Rouge, LA 18 Nov 1913
Benjamin Edward "Bennie" Teer Fourth grandnephew 18 Jun 1875 Baton Rouge, LA 9 Jun 1940
William Francis Teer Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 23 Nov 1876 Campti, LA 17 Nov 1960
Simeon Thomas Teer , Jr. Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish 30 Dec 1876 3 Apr 1957
Lou Ella Teer Fourth grandniece Martin, Red River Parish, LA 22 Apr 1878 Martin, Red River Parish, LA 14 Sep 1948
John Griffin Loftin Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 15 Sep 1878 15 Apr 1942
Martha Alice Teer Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 29 Dec 1878 Vernon, TX 24 Oct 1966
Ida Mae Hunter Fourth grandniece 8 Oct 1879 Shreveport, LA 30 May 1954
Dr. William Wiley Teer Fourth grandnephew Coushatta, LA 12 Dec 1879 Delhi, LA 3 Nov 1961
Amanda "Cecil" Loftin Fourth grandniece 21 Mar 1880 15 Dec 1923
William Orie Hunter Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 29 Jan 1881 Shreveport, LA 20 May 1942
Carrie Cornelia Teer Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 7 Jul 1881 California 6 Oct 1964
George Washington Teer Fourth grandnephew ABT 20 Nov 1881 ABT 20 Nov 1881
Ola Deplassar Jones Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 20 Jan 1882 Red River Parish, LA 15 Jan 1910
William Ivy "Will" Loftin Fourth grandnephew 12 Mar 1882 8 Apr 1938
Dr. Walter Benjamin Hunter Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 13 Mar 1882 Shreveport, LA 12 Apr 1960
Monte Zuma Lee "Zumie" Teer Fourth grandnephew Coushatta, LA 26 Jan 1883 Red River Parish, LA 26 May 1944
Ira Cuthbert Cole Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 26 Feb 1883 New Orleans, LA 15 Sep 1940
Uriah Hogan Hunter Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 23 Jul 1883 Coushatta, LA 31 May 1968
Francis Cornelious Loftin Fourth grandnephew 14 Aug 1883 2 May 1939
Oliver Le Sua Jones Fourth grandnephew 21 Jan 1884 22 Jan 1888
Tulee Ellen Teer Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 16 Apr 1884 Bastrop, LA 23 Jan 1958
Osie Lee Hunter Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 8 Jan 1885 Shreveport, LA 12 Jan 1956
Susan Idella "Susie" Cole Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 9 Feb 1885 Alexandria, LA 4 Jun 1957
Edward Zebadee Loftin Fourth grandnephew 15 Aug 1885
Mary Susan "Mamie" Teer Fourth grandniece Coushatta, LA 30 Dec 1885 Shreveport, LA 28 Sep 1978
Flora Chloe Jones Fourth grandniece 26 Jan 1886 22 Dec 1915
Ivy Tilden Hunter Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 7 Sep 1886 Plain Dealing, LA 12 Oct 1962
Lavanda Artimothy "Vadie" Breedlove Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 26 Feb 1887 16 May 1968
Ruth Zenobia Loftin Fourth grandniece 29 Jul 1887 31 Mar 1950
Sula Pearl Teer Fourth grandniece 18 Jan 1888 Bossier City, LA 25 Sep 1970
Qretta Hunter Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 3 Feb 1888 23 Apr 1980
Webster Pliny Jones Fourth grandnephew 11 Jul 1888 11 Aug 1889
Lemuel Melvin Cole Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 31 Jul 1888 Red River Parish, LA 2 Sep 1889
Oliver Bonaparte Hunter Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 10 Dec 1889 16 May 1968
Susan Artimacy "Susie" Loftin Fourth grandniece 8 Jan 1890 29 Mar 1949
Flora Belle Teer Fourth grandniece 27 Mar 1890 24 Sep 1890
Benjamin Oswald Jones Fourth grandnephew Coushatta, LA 27 Apr 1890 Coushatta, LA 22 Jan 1962
Ethel Estelle Teer Fourth grandniece 25 May 1891 Red River Parish, LA 6 Dec 1953
Willie Iona Cole Fourth grandniece Louisiana 31 Dec 1891 Coushatta, LA 18 Mar 1981
Everett Edison Hunter Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 8 Mar 1892 Coushatta, LA 16 Mar 1985
Roger Clyde Loftin Fourth grandnephew 14 Jun 1892 Coushatta, LA 10 Jul 1967
Henry Oswin Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 31 Jul 1892 Shreveport, LA 10 May 1924
Claude Cyril "Claude" Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish 27 Mar 1893 Delhi, Louisiana 20 Jul 1976
Roy Quitman Cole Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 25 Jul 1893 Monroe, LA 5 Jul 1961
William Colbert Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 20 Jan 1894 Ida, LA 26 Apr 1963
Johnnie Daniel Teer Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 31 Jan 1894 Robeline, LA 29 Apr 1960
Susie Mae Hunter Fourth grandniece 25 May 1894 23 May 1915
Reginald Orren Loftin Fourth grandnephew 3 Sep 1894 22 Aug 1944
Carmen Elliott Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 13 Jul 1895 Shreveport, LA 16 Sep 1965
Valley Anglin Dupree Fourth grandniece Red River Parish 27 Aug 1895 Delhi, Louisiana 14 Dec 1991
Ivy Cuthbert Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 18 Sep 1895 Shreveport, LA 19 Mar 1956
Vivian Andy Long Fourth grandnephew Coushatta, LA 23 Sep 1895 Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto County, Texas 4 Jul 1990
Surry Dupree Hunter Fourth grandnephew 19 Feb 1896 26 Nov 1972
Cyril Teer Fourth grandnephew 23 Apr 1896 23 Apr 1896
Viva Dupree Fourth grandniece 6 May 1896 9 Aug 1978
Robert Thurmond "Skeet" Loftin Fourth grandnephew 12 Dec 1896 1 Aug 1988
Henry Alma Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 25 Jan 1897 Red River Parish, Louisiana 11 Apr 1897
Ellrice Elliott Fourth grandniece Near Vivian, LA ? ABT 1897
Melvin Leseur Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 1 Aug 1897 Red River Parish, LA 10 Jul 1900
Leota Louisiana Long Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 18 Jan 1898 DeRidder, LA 7 Apr 1997
Marshall Ezra Hunter Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 27 Jan 1898 Shreveport, LA 9 Feb 1984
Willian Bryon Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 2/28/1898 Caddo Parish, LA 8/20/1960
Susan "Cleo" Dupree Fourth grandniece Red River Parish 21 Apr 1898 Delhi, Louisiana 29 Sep 1996
Theo Elliott Fourth grandnephew 6 Aug 1899 Shreveport, LA 26 Feb 1983
Laura Jane Hunter Fourth grandniece Coushatta, LA 5 Sep 1899 Martin, LA 25 Nov 1995
Keet Lockett Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 12 Sep 1899 Shreveport, LA 10 Mar 1961
Daniel Curtis "Curtis" Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish 10 Apr 1900 Delhi, Louisiana 7 Mar 1982
Valery Orr Dupree Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 31 Jul 1900 Hammond, LA 15 Dec 1994
William Wiley "Wiley" Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 16 Oct 1900 12 Jun 1995
Alvah Hume Dupree Fourth grandnephew Martin, Red River Parish, LA 1 Feb 1901 Coushatta, LA 13 Oct 1974
James H. Elliott Fourth grandnephew 3 Sep 1901 24 Apr 1902
Ivy Clayton Dupree Fourth grandnephew Martin, Louisiana 23 Dec 1901 Shreveport, Louisiana 29 May 1969
Fleta Cornelia Long Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 26 Apr 1902 Shreveport, LA 11 May 1931
Zelma Dupree Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 30 Dec 1902 Coushatta, LA 29 Sep 1987
Byron Elliott Fourth grandnephew 21 Feb 1903 6 Jun 1904
Garvis Cole Dupree Fourth grandnephew Coushatta, LA 13 Aug 1903 Shreveport, LA 16 Dec 1970
Rowland Emery Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 7 Sep 1903 Red River Parish, Louisiana 7 Sep 1903
Lutie Mariam Dupree Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 29 Dec 1903 At home in Delhi, LA at age 64 3 May 1967
Daniel Trevelyn "Bill" Dupree (Twin) Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 2 Aug 1904 Shreveport, Louisiana 8 Nov 1961
Susan Trevice Dupree (Twin) Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 2 Aug 1904 Red River Parish, Louisiana 2 Aug 1904
Justus Theron Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 5 Sep 1904 17 Nov 1987
Emily Elliott Fourth grandniece 12 Jan 1906 2 Oct 1906
Oakley Clovie Dupree Fourth grandniece Coushatta, LA 19 Feb 1906 Birmingham, AL 8 Jan 1955
Ruby "Barbara" Dupree Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 21 Mar 1906 Shreveport, LA 7 Aug 1961
Lake Dupree Fourth grandnephew Coushatta, LA 18 Sep 1906 Crowley, LA 26 May 1973
Reual Collier Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 22 Sep 1906 Monroe, Louisiana 8 Aug 1999
Katrinka Elliott Fourth grandniece 7 May 1907 Hall Summit, LA 8 Aug 1969
Katherine Cole Fourth grandniece 3 Jul 1908 7 Sep 1908
Milton Elliott Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 20 Oct 1908 Shreveport, LA 16 Dec 1999
Media Elsie Dupree Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 7 Nov 1908 Shreveport, LA 18 Oct 1987
Nona Egan Dupree Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 11 Nov 1908 Red River Parish, LA 14 Mar 1915
Azile Dupree Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 4 Dec 1908 Shreveport, LA 22 Jun 1993
David Vernon Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 14 Dec 1910 Baton Rouge, LA 15 Jan 2004
Mercer Brittain Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 18 Feb 1911 Shreveport, Louisiana 2 Aug 2002
Susan Benjamin "Susie" Dupree Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 15 Oct 1911 Albuquerque, NM 19 Aug 1998
John Alton Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 8 Jan 1912 VA Medical Center, Shreveport, LA 7 Jan 1992
X. L. Elliott Fourth grandniece 12 May 1912 27 Sep 1995
William Daniel "W.D." Dupree , Jr. Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 15 Oct 1912 Shreveport, LA 24 Oct 1994
Paxton Stephens Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 20 Jan 1914 Magnolia, AR 18 Nov 1999
Mary Virgina Dupree Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 28 Feb 1914 Ville Platte, Louisiana 5 Nov 1976
Orville "Dick" Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 8 Sep 1914 Martin, LA 29 Jun 1974
Gervais Dupree Fourth grandniece Martin, Red River, LA, USA 10 July 1916 Shreveport, Caddo, LA, USA 18 November 2014
Daniel Webster Dupree Jr. Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 12 Jul 1916 Shreveport, LA 15 Sep 1939
Agatha Dupree Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 14 Jul 1916 Henderson, TX 15 Jan 1999
Norman Dupree Fourth grandniece Coushatta, LA 16 Apr 1918 Shreveport, LA 27 Dec 2002
Gary Oquin Dupree Fourth grandnephew Coushatta, LA 9 Jul 1919 Shreveport, LA 19 Dec 1993
Doris Dupree Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 10 Mar 1920 Shreveport, LA 14 Jan 1997
Ivy Virginia Dupree Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 20 Sep 1920 Many, LA 7 Dec 2011
Bertie Mae Dupree Fourth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 10 Feb 1922 Shreveport, LA 2 May 2004
Daniel Ivy "D" Dupree , III Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 16 Jun 1923 Shreveport, LA 22 Jan 2008
Jimmie Gaines Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 2 Mar 1924 Alexandria, LA 30 Aug 1998
Roy Samuel Dupree Fourth grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 11 Mar 1926 Albuquerque, NM 14 Jul 1945
Fifth grandnephews & Fifth grandnieces
"Pauline" Margaret Dupree Fifth grandniece
Ada Sue Ellison Fifth grandniece
Barbara Ann Dunlap Fifth grandniece
Biddy Dupree Fifth grandniece
Bloyce Loftin Fifth grandnephew
Brenda Susan Spicher Fifth grandniece
Charles Russell "Russ" Spicher Fifth grandnephew
Cindy Dupree Fifth grandniece
Collie Britain "C.B." Sledge Fifth grandnephew
Curtis "Jay" Dupree Fifth grandnephew
Curtis Dennis "Dennis" La Tour , Jr. Fifth grandnephew
Cynthia Suzanne Dunlap Fifth grandniece
Daniel Edward "Dan Edward" or "Dan" Dupree Fifth grandnephew
Daniel Gaines Dupree Fifth grandnephew
Daniel Roy Dupree Fifth grandnephew
David Glen "David" Dupree Fifth grandnephew
Donald Roy Dupree Fifth grandnephew
Donelle Dupree Fifth grandniece
Doris Ann Winner Fifth grandniece
Dorothy "Ellen" Robinson, Fifth grandniece
Dorothy Ann "Dot" Long Fifth grandniece
Douglas "Doug" Robinson , III Fifth grandnephew
Dovie Deryle Dupree Fifth grandniece
Dupree Howell Fifth grandnephew
Edwina Hunter Fifth grandniece
Ellyce Dupree Fifth grandniece
Emily Virginia Dupree Fifth grandniece
Emma Ruth Brewer Fifth grandniece
Eula Lee Loftin Fifth grandniece
Eula Long Price Fifth grandniece
Exton Loftin Fifth grandnephew
Fleta Adair Wimberly Fifth grandniece
Frances Evelyn Dupree Fifth grandniece
Frances Faye Raley Fifth grandniece
Fredrick William "Freddy" Long Fifth grandnephew
Gary Oquin "Quin" Dupree Fifth grandnephew
Gervaise Ann Williams Fifth grandniece
Glen Jones Fifth grandnephew
Gloria Alvah "Glo" Dupree Fifth grandniece
Gwendolyn Dale "Gwen" Dupree Fifth grandniece
Hazel Jones Fifth grandniece
Helen Louise Dupree Fifth grandniece 23 Aug 2014
Henry Gahagam Holley Fifth grandnephew
Ivy Benjamin "Ivy B." Dupree Fifth grandnephew
Ivy Clayton Dupree , Jr. Fifth grandnephew
Janie Faye Dupree Fifth grandniece
Jimmie Dupree Dunlap Fifth grandnephew
Jimmy Ray Sledge Fifth grandnephew
Joel David Holley Fifth grandnephew
John Alton "Johnny" Dupree , Jr. Fifth grandnephew
John Edward "Johnny" Dupree Fifth grandnephew
John W. "Johnny" Brewer Fifth grandnephew
Kathleen Elworth "Kathleen" Dupree Fifth grandniece
Laura Phyllis "Phyllis" Dupree Fifth grandniece
Laura QRetta Snead Fifth grandniece
LeMurle Brewer Fifth grandnephew
Leila Mae "Lou" Dupree Fifth grandniece
Lela Mae Dupree Fifth grandniece
Lela True "Trudy" Dupree Fifth grandniece
Leland Brewer Fifth grandnephew
Leon Dupre' Long Fifth grandnephew
Lillian Loftin Fifth grandniece
Linda Dupree Fifth grandniece
Linda Rae Dupree Fifth grandniece
Linda Sue Dupree Fifth grandniece
Lois Loftin Fifth grandniece
Lucy "Ann" Robinson, Fifth grandniece
Lucy "Gail" Dupree Fifth grandniece
Margaret Carolyn Dupree Fifth grandniece
Mary Ann La Tour Fifth grandniece
Mary Elaine Hunter Fifth grandniece
Mary Elizabeth "Beth" Dupree Fifth grandniece
Mary Evonne Sledge Fifth grandniece
Mary Grace Hunter Fifth grandniece
Mary Jane Long Fifth grandniece
Mary Jo Pouncey Fifth grandniece
Melvin Daniel "Buntney" Dupree Fifth grandnephew
Mercer Britain "Mercer B." Dupree , Jr. Fifth grandnephew
Michael "Mike" Dupree Robinson, Fifth grandnephew
Michael Dupree "Mike" Keith Fifth grandnephew
Milton Stephen McGee , Jr. Fifth grandnephew
Nita Joy "Joy" Dupree Fifth grandniece
Nona "Beth" Dupree Fifth grandniece
Norma Dell Dupree Fifth grandniece
Norma Jean Clayton Fifth grandniece
Norma Jones Fifth grandniece
Ottis Glen Teer Fifth grandnephew
Patrick "Pat" Keith Fifth grandnephew
Penny Louise Pouncey Fifth grandniece
Randall Britt "Pogy" Dupree Fifth grandnephew
Reginald Loftin Fifth grandnephew
Richard Dupree Fifth grandnephew
Rinay Dupree Winner Fifth grandnephew
Roby Deplesser Jones Fifth grandnephew
Rodney Loftin Fifth grandnephew
Ronald Lane "Ronnie" Dupree Fifth grandnephew
Roy Quitman Cole Jr. Fifth grandnephew
Roy Samuel Dupree , II Fifth grandnephew
Sadie Rae Greer Fifth grandniece
Sandra Laine Morgan Fifth grandniece
Sherie Anyce Clayton Fifth grandniece
Sidney "Gayle" Dupree Fifth grandniece
Suzan Dupree Fifth grandniece
Todd Godwin Cole Fifth grandnephew
Verlyn Dupree Fifth grandniece
Walter Harold Brewer Fifth grandnephew 6 Nov 1960
Willford Eugene Keith Jr. Fifth grandnephew
William "Kent" Dupree Fifth grandnephew
William Faxon Hunter Fifth grandnephew
Audrey Snead Fifth grandniece 10 Feb 1896 4 Oct 1901
Ella Teer Fifth grandniece ABT 1896 ABT 1896
Ovid Bunyan Hunter Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 4 Dec 1897 Shreveport, LA 22 Nov 1961
Euna Snead Fifth grandniece 21 Dec 1897 19 Sep 1901
Cyril E. Teer Fifth grandnephew 2 Jun 1898 Beaumont, TX 22 Jan 1932
William Lloyd Snead Fifth grandnephew 25 Jan 1899 3 Feb 1912
Dewey Irene Preslar Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 21 Apr 1899 Shreveport, LA 29 Jun 1987
Simeon Thurmon Hunter Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 4 Nov 1899 Red River Parish, LA 3 Aug 1968
Cullen Francis Preslar Fifth grandnephew 10 Jan 1900 Providence Memorial, Lake Providence, LA 8 Nov 1992
Clyvey Cecil Loftin Fifth grandnephew 17 Jan 1900
Curtis Simeon Teer Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish 5 Feb 1900 Shreveport, LA 4 Aug 1966
Sallie Ann Snead Fifth grandniece 16 Sep 1900 8 Aug 1939
William Worth Jones Fifth grandnephew 17 Dec 1900 12 Dec 1972
Benjamin Wiley "Buck" Teer Fifth grandnephew 3 Jan 1901 14 Aug 1950
Thomas Maxey "Max" Preslar Fifth grandnephew Land's End, Jordan Ferry, LA 24 Mar 1901 Shreveport, LA 28 Jun 1966
Ellen Iva Preslar Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 15 Oct 1901 Shreveport, LA 14 Jul 1972
William Leslie "Joe" Hunter Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 1 Nov 1901 Coushatta, LA 27 Jan 1991
Taylor Daniel Snead Fifth grandnephew 7 Dec 1901 Coushatta, LA 6 Apr 1984
William Henry "Bill" Preslar Fifth grandnephew 8 Mar 1902 Hobbs, NM or Seminole, TX 1958
Willaim Morgan Loftin Fifth grandnephew 2 Apr 1902 25 Jan 1905
Myrtle Louvenia Teer Fifth grandniece Red River Parish 30 Jul 1902 Natchitoches, LA 7 Sep 1973
Benton Cole Teer Fifth grandnephew Coushatta, LA 13 Aug 1902 Alexandria, LA 8 Apr 1956
Amanda Jones Fifth grandniece 21 Sep 1902 1 Nov 1990
Justin Lee Gahagan Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 7 Nov 1902 Red River Parish, LA 27 Jun 1904
Annie Lou Preslar Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 4 Dec 1902 Paradise, Butte Cnty., CA May 1983
Curtis Jennings Loftin Fifth grandnephew 17 Apr 1903 8 Aug 1929
Mary Ellen Preslar Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 29 Sep 1903 Vernon, TX 10 Oct 1994
Esther QLee Snead Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 14 Dec 1903 Shreveport, LA 5 Apr 1992
Alyce Quero "A.Q." Preslar Fifth grandniece Goldonna, LA 14 Mar 1904 Shreveport, LA 1 Jun 1988
Viva Teer Fifth grandniece 6 Apr 1904 15 Apr 1904
Mercer Brittain "Merce" Hunter Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 8 May 1904 Coushatta, LA 12 May 1980
Alice Ezel Teer Fifth grandniece Coushatta, LA 25 Aug 1904 Innis, LA 15 May 1988
Oliver Cullen "O.C." Jones Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 14 Oct 1904 Shreveport, LA 25 Apr 1974
Ava Iola Jones Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 2 Nov 1904 Tyler, TX 23 Apr 1995
Spencer Thomas Preslar Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 24 Nov 1904 Palm Springs, CA 17 May 1997
Billie Gahagan Fifth grandnephew 5 Apr 1905 5 Apr 1905
Flora Belle Teer Fifth grandniece Red River Parish 1 May 1905 Dallas, TX 8 Mar 1988
Reba May Preslar Fifth grandniece Goldonna, LA 1 May 1905 Shreveport, LA 10 Mar 1954
Wiley Mae Snead Fifth grandniece 17 May 1905 17 May 1905
Grady Betrand Loftin Fifth grandnephew 8 Jun 1905 5 Sep 1986
Ruth Teer Fifth grandniece 7 Jul 1905 7 Sep 1908
Felton Lee Teer Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 15 Jul 1905 Shreveport, LA 21 Mar 1968
Lou Venia Gahagan Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 30 Oct 1905 Mer Rouge, LA 15 May 1979
Murriel Jones Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 10 Dec 1905 Shreveport, LA 23 Feb 1928
Eva Greer Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 19 Dec 1905 Coushatta, LA 2 Dec 1988
Viva Brewer Fifth grandniece 1 Jan 1906 Sep 1980
Olive Elizabeth Norman Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 25 Feb 1906 Shreveport, LA 22 May 1990
Russell E. Gahagan Fifth grandnephew Natchitoches Parish, LA 1 Apr 1906 Natchitoches, LA 2 Apr 1993
Dr. Lorenz Teer Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 2 Apr 1906 Delhi, LA 18 Dec 1997
James McGlorick "Jimmy" Teer Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 15 Jul 1906 New Roads, LA 1 Feb 1987
John Churchill Loftin Fifth grandnephew 7 Sep 1906 17 Oct 1978
Ima Violet Snead Fifth grandniece 13 Oct 1906 Bernice, LA 28 Dec 1993
Flora Truman Snead Fifth grandniece 7 Nov 1906 2 Aug 1990
Samuel Marshall "Sam" Hunter Fifth grandnephew 13 Nov 1906 25 Dec 1961
Clarence Edgerton Preslar Fifth grandnephew Coushatta, LA 16 Jan 1907
Carrie Lea Preslar Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 16 Feb 1907 Placerville, CA 5 Dec 1987
Cleveland Huckabay "Scrub" Jones Fifth grandnephew 27 Feb 1907 California 23 Sep 1933
Vernon Charles Norman Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 20 Mar 1907 Dallas, TX 25 Aug 1965
Ray Hugh Gahagan Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 26 Jul 1907 Houma, LA 10 May 1976
Sula Elva Hunter Fifth grandniece Coushatta, LA 23 Aug 1907 Bossier City, LA 10 Nov 1996
Sheldon Teer Fifth grandnephew Hall Summit, LA 7 Oct 1907 Delhi, LA 24 Jan 1972
Ila Mae Hunter Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 12 Oct 1907 Shreveport, LA 1 Sep 1938
Shirley Teer Fifth grandniece Red River Parish 25 Nov 1907 Coushatta, LA 23 Sep 1991
Walter Byron "B.B." Snead Fifth grandnephew 7 Dec 1907 Shreveport, LA 30 Nov 1966
Chloe Aurelia Loftin Fifth grandniece 19 Jan 1908 25 Dec 1997
Edna Wilmot Preslar Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 26 Mar 1908 Shreveport, LA 25 Feb 1996
Laura Lee Greer Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 22 Jun 1908 Cleveland, TX 17 May 1995
Kaleka Louvenia McDowell Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 30 Jun 1908 Jonesboro, LA 5 May 1984
Susan Helen Brewer Fifth grandniece 18 Sep 1908 12 Jan 1999
Dora Irene Snead Fifth grandniece 7 Oct 1908 Coushatta, LA 11 Apr 1993
Henry Cole Gahagan Fifth grandnephew 1 Dec 1908 Natchitoches, LA 17 Dec 1996
Ermine Hunter Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 19 Feb 1909 Shreveport, LA 6 Sep 1999
Irma Clementine Hunter Fifth grandniece Coushatta, LA 2 Mar 1909 Shreveport, LA 19 Jan 1982
Aswell Jones Fifth grandnephew 15 Apr 1909 21 Jul 1911
Joseph Everal "Runt" Loftin Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 18 Sep 1909 Shreveport, LA 13 Oct 1983
Justin Lee Teer Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 3 Dec 1909 Shreveport, LA 7 Dec 1986
Alta Pearl Hunter Fifth grandniece 14 Jan 1910 Bossier City, LA 11 Jun 1992
Eula Mae Snead Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 13 Feb 1910 Shreveport, LA 17 Jan 1969
Cecil Melton "Turtle" Jones Fifth grandnephew 25 Mar 1910 11 May 1992
Henry Teer Fifth grandnephew Clear Springs Comunity Red River Parish, Louisiana 8 Jun 1910 Coushatta, LA 5 May 1988
William Wiley "Bill" Teer Fifth grandnephew Clear Springs Comunity Red River Parish, Louisiana 8 Jun 1910 Columbia, SC Possibly Jul 1984
Henrietta Benjamin McDowell Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 30 Jun 1910 Shreveport, LA 21 Jul 2001
R.C. Loftin Fifth grandnephew 1910 1910
Ola Deplassar "Ola D." Jones , Jr. Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 7 Jul 1910 Zebulon, GA 4 Aug 2006
Roy Triche Cole Fifth grandniece Garyville, LA 31 Jul 1910 Monroe, LA 22 Oct 2000
Edna Wilmot Teer Fifth grandniece Coushatta, LA 7 Aug 1910 Farmerville, LA 26 May 1997
Johnnie Rebecca Teer Fifth grandniece 15 Sep 1910 1 Jan 1960
Lillian Jane "Janie" Snead Fifth grandniece 15 Oct 1910 19 Apr 1940
Charles Truitt Greer Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 31 Dec 1910 Shreveport, LA 23 Nov 1971
Cecil Hunter Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 5 Feb 1911 Andrews, TX 10 Oct 1973
Earlene Bogan Fifth grandniece 18 Apr 1911 26 Nov 1911
Laurie Teer Fifth grandniece 3 Jul 1911 2 Nov 1917
Margarete Teer Fifth grandniece Campti, LA 12 Aug 1911 Campti, LA ABT 11 May 1979
Robert Benton Preslar Fifth grandnephew Lake End, LA (Jordan's Ferry Plantation) 29 Dec 1911 Gladewater, TX 19 Nov 1989
H.C. Loftin Fifth grandnephew 30 Dec 1911 7 Feb 1912
Cora Louvenia Henrietta Benjamin Teer Fifth grandniece Delhi, LA 15 Mar 1912 Baton Rouge, LA 28 Jul 1964
Charles Edward "Ed" Snead Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 11 Jul 1912 Coushatta, LA 5 Jun 1983
Marshall Napoleon Greer Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 15 Jul 1912 Shreveport, LA 22 Dec 1999
Irion Dupree "I.D." Cole Fifth grandnephew Lottie, LA 6 Aug 1912 Phoenix, AZ 24 Mar 2002
Infant daughter Bogan Fifth grandniece 5 Oct 1912 5 Oct 1912
Viva Henrietta Bogan Fifth grandniece 5 Oct 1912 30 Jul 1983
James Sledge Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish 17 Jan 1913 Red River Parish 17 Jan 1913
Raymond Carl Norman Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 17 Jan 1913 Houston, TX 13 Mar 1993
John Paxton McDowell Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA (Carol Creek Comm.) 14 Apr 1913 Red River Parish, LA 21 Mar 1965
Walter Malone Brown Fifth grandnephew Coushatta, LA 3 Jun 1913 Shreveport, LA 31 Aug 1996
L.B. Loftin Fifth grandnephew 1913 1913
Benton Teer Fifth grandnephew Ashland, Louisiana 5 Jul 1913 Ashland, LA 25 Mar 1971
Oliver True Hunter Fifth grandniece 2 Apr 1914 Monroe, LA 6 Jan 1939
Francis Teer "Fan" Preslar Fifth grandniece Lake End, LA (Jordan's Ferry Plantation) 7 Apr 1914 15 May 1995
Uriah Dora "U.D." Hunter Fifth grandniece 24 Jun 1914 Coushatta, LA 16 Dec 1992
Emma B. Manchester Snead Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 10 Sep 1914 6 Aug 1979
Joseph Cullen Root Snead Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 10 Sep 1914 Ashland, LA 29 Mar 1965
Nancy "Lurline" Sledge Fifth grandniece Red River Parish 24 Sep 1914 Harrisonburg, Louisiana 20 Jun 1992
Henry Simeon Teer Fifth grandnephew 25 Sep 1914 25 Nov 1987
Claude Jones Fifth grandnephew 8 Nov 1914 21 Mar 1942
Surrey Everett Hunter Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 12 Dec 1914 29 May 1969
Margaret Sue Hunter Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 21 Dec 1914 Coushatta, LA 1 Aug 1992
Lora Mae Greer Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 18 Feb 1915 Red River Parish, LA 28 Oct 1950
Eva "Juanita" Holley Fifth grandniece Coushatta, LA 27 Mar 1915 Baton Rouge, LA 20 Sep 2002
Ernest Mae Brown Fifth grandnephew Coushatta, LA 22 May 1915 Coushatta, LA 14 Jul 1957
Kenthal C. Loftin Fifth grandnephew 8 Jul 1915 26 Mar 1977
Marion Theo "Red" Loftin Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 10 Sep 1915 Starkville, Oktibbeha Cnty., MS 14 Jul 1997
Ralph Teer Fifth grandnephew Ashland, Louisiana 1 Dec 1915 Ashland, LA 2 Dec 1915
Henry Clay "H.C." Snead Fifth grandnephew 15 Dec 1915 13 Jul 1941
Mary V. Brewer Fifth grandniece 31 Dec 1915 8 Jul 2000
Mattie Greer Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 24 Feb 1916 Shreveport, LA 1 Sep 1996
Uriah Hogan Hunter Jr. Fifth grandnephew 9 Mar 1916 13 Jun 1998
Lois Evelyn Norman Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 2 Aug 1916 Shreveport, LA 14 Mar 2001
Walter Orie Hunter Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 27 Sep 1916 Coushatta, LA 30 Mar 2002
Rosalee Teer Fifth grandniece Ashland, Louisiana 2 Dec 1916 Ashland, LA 23 Dec 1916
Velma Sue Dupree Fifth grandniece 3 Dec 1916 Shreveport, LA 15 Apr 1989
Ivy Tilden "I.T." Hunter Jr. Fifth grandnephew Coushatta, LA 9 Jan 1917 Shreveport, LA 25 Aug 1949
Susie Lou "Sue" Hunter Fifth grandniece 9 Jan 1917 17 Feb 1994
J. D. Sledge Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish 25 Jan 1917 Birmingham, Alabama 18 Oct 1981
Zuma Odrey Teer Fifth grandnephew 8 Apr 1917 13 Apr 1945
Mercer Mae Jones Fifth grandniece 9 Apr 1917 23 Apr 1999
Alvin Buren Snead Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 27 May 1917 Okinawa 7 Apr 1945
Pauline Elizabeth Hunter Fifth grandniece 30 Jul 1917 Alta Loma, CA 1 Aug 1992
Percy Teer Fifth grandnephew Ashland, Louisiana 6 Aug 1917 Ashland, LA 6 Aug 1917
Harry Quitman Gahagan Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 6 Sep 1917 Alexandria, LA 6 Apr 1971
Mary Lee Preslar Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 21 Sep 1917 Shreveport, LA 10 Dec 1976
Clinton Harvey Fifth grandnephew Louisiana Sep 1917 Reno, NV ABT 1999
Urath Sybil Loftin Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 28 Nov 1917 Coushatta, LA 24 Jan 2001
Orlean Cordell "O.C." Dupree Fifth grandnephew Shreveport, LA 4 Feb 1918 Las Vegas, NV 22 Sep 2001
Benjamin Oswald Jones , Jr. Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 19 Mar 1918 Red River Parish, LA 3 Jul 1964
Walter Leon Holley Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 15 Apr 1918 Coushatta, LA 20 Oct 2005
James Durwood "Jack" or "Jim" Bogan Fifth grandnephew 29 Jul 1918 22 Mar 1989
Oliver Bonaparte Hunter Jr. Fifth grandnephew 29 Sep 1918 20 Sep 1988
Lonnie Simeon Teer Fifth grandnephew 9 May 1919 Shreveport, LA 15 Oct 1994
Truett Sledge Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 27 May 1919 Hammond, Louisiana Nov 1974
Mamie Cupid Gahagan Fifth grandniece Caston, LA 17 Jun 1919 Mountain Home, AR 28 Mar 2006
John Marion Hunter Fifth grandnephew 16 Nov 1919 Coushatta, LA 28 Sep 1980
Turner Stephens Jones Fifth grandnephew 2 Feb 1920 27 Aug 1994
William Raymond Hunter Fifth grandnephew 3 Apr 1920 Shreveport, LA 5 Nov 1991
Ivy Carroll Dupree Fifth grandnephew Coushatta, LA 7 Jul 1920 Bossier City, LA 28 Sep 2002
Beatrice Jones Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 17 Jul 1920 Shreveport, LA 9 Aug 1977
Henry Clinton "Clint" Brewer Fifth grandnephew 18 Jul 1920 Minden, LA 22 Aug 2008
Talmadge Greer Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 29 Sep 1920 Petaluma, CA 16 Oct 1992
Philip Ray Morgan Fifth grandnephew Coushatta, LA 27 Oct 1920 Louisville, KY 2 Aug 2005
Ahmonilla Howell Fifth grandniece 28 Nov 1920 Pasedena, Harris County, TX 22 Jul 2005
Alice Maureen Hunter Fifth grandniece 13 Mar 1921 Presque Isle, ME 22 Apr 2002
William Orie Hunter Jr. Fifth grandnephew Coushatta, LA 25 Mar 1921 Shreveport, LA 1 Mar 1986
Dorothy Eloise Dupree Fifth grandniece 1 Oct 1921 1 Jul 1924
Marguerite Hazel Howell Fifth grandniece 16 Jan 1922 1 Feb 1985
Jack Dupree Hunter Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 5 Feb 1922 Houston, TX 4 Feb 1970
Robert Thurmond Loftin , Jr. Fifth grandnephew Harmon, LA 13 Mar 1922 Moore, OK 23 Feb 2002
William Daniel "Dan" Dupree Fifth grandnephew Shreveport, LA 2 Apr 1922 Jacksonville, FL 28 Jan 1978
Eva Dupree Fifth grandniece 4 Aug 1922 4 Aug 1922
Dorthy Valery "Dorthy V." Sledge Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 10 Nov 1922 25 Sep 1958
Catherine Amanda (Loftin) Adams Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 4 Feb 1923 Martin, LA 9 Nov 1989
Sidney Allen Jones Fifth grandnephew 22 Feb 1923 29 May 1993
Nora Ethelene McDowell Fifth grandniece 21 Apr 1923 21 Apr 1923
"Emmett" Field Reynolds, Jr. Reynolds, Fifth grandniece Texarkana, TX 24 Jul 1923 Delhi, Louisiana 29 Mar 1997
Henry Reynolds, Fifth grandnephew Texarkana, TX 24 Jul 1923 Texarkana, TX 24 Jul 1923
Johnnie Daniel "J.D" Teer , Jr. Fifth grandnephew Robeline, LA 13 Sep 1923 Baton Rouge, LA 24 Feb 1975
Leonard Albert "L. A. " Stout , Jr. Fifth grandnephew Franklin Parish, Louisiana 21 Oct 1923 Franklin Parish, Louisiana 19 May 1930
"Curtis" Benjamin Sledge Fifth grandnephew Franklin Parrish, Louisiana 10 Apr 1924 Jonesville, LA 4 Aug 1975
Howard Hugh "Wimpy" Wimberly Fifth grandnephew Shreveport, LA 22 May 1924 Shreveport, LA 2 Oct 1976
Josie Eva Lou Dupree Fifth grandniece Shreveport, LA 22 Jul 1924 Shreveport, LA 11 Jul 2007
Willis Crawford Hunter Fifth grandnephew 7 Aug 1924 25 Nov 1994
Donald Cameron Long Fifth grandnephew Naples, TX 8 Oct 1924 Houston, TX 22 Feb 1980
Simeon Watson Teer Fifth grandnephew Robeline, LA 27 May 1925 Alexandria, LA 10 Apr 2003
Infant (No Name) Dupree Fifth grandnephew 16 Sep 1925 16 Sep 1925
William Colbert Dupree Jr. Fifth grandnephew Shreveport, LA 2 Nov 1925 Shreveport, LA 23 Dec 1992
Susan Cleo "Sue" Reynolds Fifth grandniece Franklin Parish Louisiana 19 Dec 1925 Vicksburg, MS 14 Dec 1997
"Louis" Louise Stout Fifth grandniece Franklin Parish, Louisiana 31 Dec 1925 Wisner, LA 6 Aug 1969
Lewis Allison Hunter Fifth grandnephew Coushatta, LA 24 Aug 1926 Shreveport, LA 20 Mar 1995
Daniel "Dan" Anglin Sledge Fifth grandnephew Franklin Parrish, Louisiana 31 Aug 1926 Franklin Parrish, Louisiana 9 Nov 1983
Benjamin Everett Snead Fifth grandnephew 20 Feb 1927 Webster Parish, LA 15 Apr 1997
Marshall Edison Snead Fifth grandnephew Coushatta, LA 20 Feb 1927 Red River Parish, LA 22 Apr 1928
Verona Jean Hunter Fifth grandniece Coushatta, LA 29 May 1927 Shreveport, LA 16 Aug 2008
Jeannette Reynolds Fifth grandniece Belcher, Louisiana 9 Nov 1927 Monroe, LA 8 Mar 2010
Peggy Fern Hunter Fifth grandniece 27 Nov 1927 26 Nov 1943
Nanine Stout Fifth grandniece Franklin Parish, Louisiana 22 Dec 1927 West Monroe, LA 1 May 2004
Reual Collier "Reual C." Dupree , Jr. Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 6 Mar 1928 Shreveport, LA 28 Jul 1986
Robert Wayne "Bobby" Hunter Fifth grandnephew 5 Sep 1928 26 Mar 2000
Wanda Rose Ellison Fifth grandniece Sumiton, Walker County, AL 28 Dec 1928 Birmingham, AL 11 Nov 2007
William Truman Loftin Fifth grandnephew 5 Aug 1929 8 Nov 1933
George Hunter Fifth grandnephew 5 Feb 1930 7 Feb 1930
Thomas Hunter Fifth grandnephew 5 Feb 1930 5 Feb 1930
Peggy Pat Dupree Fifth grandniece Coushatta, LA 30 Apr 1930 Coushatta, LA 4 May 1930
Mamie Willodean Ellison Fifth grandniece Sumiton, Walker County, AL 25 May 1930 Norfolk, VA 12 Apr 1987
Anita Frances Dupree Fifth grandniece Shreveport, LA 23 Oct 1931 Shreveport, LA 13 Apr 2005
Mertie Carolyn Ellison Fifth grandniece Sumiton, Wlaker County, AL 6 Mar 1932 Birmingham, AL 25 Jan 1962
Garvis Nell Dupree Fifth grandniece Coushatta, LA 28 Aug 1932 Shreveport, LA 1 Sep 1997
Sue Ann Dupree Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 8 Oct 1932 Shreveport, LA 21 Oct 1989
Vivian Andy Long , Jr. Fifth grandnephew 11 Nov 1932 11 Nov 1932
Robbie Jane Morgan Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, LA 7 Feb 1933 Coushatta, LA 3 Nov 1988
Bennie Ivanee "Bennie" Dupree Fifth grandniece Red River Parish, Louisiana 11 Oct 1935 Shreveport, LA 30 Dec 1995
Copeland Winnetka Jones Barnett Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 15 Oct 1935 Dickson, TN 27 Oct 1996
Theron Rawls Dupree Fifth grandnephew Mansfield, LA 15 Jan 1938 West Monroe, LA 6 Sep 1987
Billie Ruth Dupree Fifth grandniece 18 Sep 1938 25 Jan 1989
Roger Lewis Williams Fifth grandnephew 9 Dec 1939 11 Nov 2001
Diedre Dupree Fifth grandniece 3 May 1945 1991
Euverne Dupree Fifth grandniece Shreveport, LA 26 Aug 1946 Georgia 7 Jun 1970
Deanna Elliott Fifth grandniece Shreveport, LA 25 Sep 1946 Shreveport, LA 1 Jan 1979
Virginia La Tour Fifth grandniece Ville Platte, Louisiana 21 Dec 1946 Ville Platte, Louisiana 30 Dec 1946
Terry Wayne Dupree Fifth grandnephew Red River Parish, Louisiana 25 Jan 1949 Coushatta, Louisiana 20 Nov 2004
Emily Elliott Fifth grandniece Shreveport, LA 23 May 1949 7 Jan 1996
Xlyn L. Harville Fifth grandnephew 28 Sep 1950 27 Aug 2001
John Stevens LaTour
Donald Wayne "Donnie" Dupree Fifth grandnephew Vivian, LA 15 Nov 1960 Ida, LA 10 Feb 1986
6th grandnephews & 6th grandnieces
"Anna" Lori Gibson 6th Grandniece
"Barbara" Lois Spann 6th Grandniece
"Beverly" Lynn Sledge 6th Grandniece
"Brenda" Leigh Dupree 6th Grandniece
"Copelen" Parker Bradley , Jr. 6th grandnephew
"David" Warren Dupree 6th grandnephew
"Debbie" Ann Sledge 6th Grandniece
"Donna" Rose Sledge 6th Grandniece
"Dorla" Dene Dupree 6th Grandniece
"Elizabeth" Ann Dupree 6th Grandniece
"Esther" Ruth Gibson 6th Grandniece
"Jeffery" Clayton Robinson 6th grandnephew
"John" Daniel Sheppard Sr. 6th grandnephew
"John" Stephen Robinson 6th grandnephew
"Johnnie" Gail Hodges 6th Grandniece
"Julie" Dee Howard 6th Grandniece
"Linda" Ann Zaunbrecher 6th Grandniece
"Mary" Cornelia Bradley 6th Grandniece
"Ross" Michael Gibson 6th grandnephew
"Susan" Jeannette Bradley 6th Grandniece
"Susan" Margaret Zaunbrecher 6th Grandniece
"York" Earl Sheppard , Jr. 6th grandnephew
Abby Chrysler 6th Grandniece
Ahmonillia James 6th Grandniece
Albert Stephens Pumilio 6th grandnephew
Alice Carol Garlington 6th Grandniece
Alice Lewandowski 6th Grandniece
Alton Lloyd Townsend , Jr. 6th grandnephew
Amy Kay Risenhoover 6th Grandniece
Andrea "Andy" Copeland 6th Grandniece
Andrea Lynn Prestridge 6th Grandniece
Andrew "Drewer" (Benton) Dupree 6th grandnephew
Angela Holley 6th Grandniece
Angela Maureen Keith 6th Grandniece
Anthony Alan "Tony" Forrest 6th grandnephew
Anton "Tony" Joseph Zaunbrecher 6th grandnephew
Any Loren Sprinkle 6th grandnephew
Archie Alvah Anderson 6th grandnephew
Aubrey Sam Garlington 6th grandnephew
Barbara Ann Locke 6th Grandniece
Barbara Lynette Teer 6th Grandniece
Barbara Lynn Cole 6th Grandniece 12/23/2014
Barrett Holley 6th grandnephew
Belinda Gale Prestridge 6th Grandniece
Benjamin Roy "Ben" Dupree 6th grandnephew
Bennie Deryle Rikard 6th Grandniece
Bennie Sue Huckabay 6th Grandniece
Benny Charles Teer 6th grandnephew
Bertie Mae Adkins 6th Grandniece
Bettie Jean Lindsey 6th Grandniece
Betty Jean Loftin 6th Grandniece
Betty Jo Scarborough 6th Grandniece
Betty Lou Hunter 6th Grandniece
Betty Lou Jones 6th Grandniece
Betty Middleton Cole 6th Grandniece
Beverly Ann Bunch 6th Grandniece
Billie Sue Morgan 6th Grandniece
Billy Harmon Scarborough 6th grandnephew
Billy Joe Fontenot, 6th grandnephew
Bobbie Jeanette Methvin 6th Grandniece
Bobby Jerry Greer 6th grandnephew
Brandi Nichole Fontenot, 6th Grandniece
Brandon Cox 6th grandnephew
Brenda Johnette McDowell 6th Grandniece
Brian Sterling Dupree 6th grandnephew
Cameron mitchel Rapp 6th grandnephew
Cara Silva Lindsey 6th Grandniece 9 SEP 2013
Caren Lee Johnson 6th Grandniece
Carl Anthony "Carl" Morgan 6th grandnephew
Carla Jane Barnett 6th Grandniece
Carmen Adkins 6th Grandniece
Carol Annette Teer 6th Grandniece
Carol Louise Scarborough 6th Grandniece
Caroline Elizabeth Simpson 6th Grandniece
Carrie Lynn Risenhoover 6th Grandniece
Catherine "Cathy" Lee Dupree 6th Grandniece
Catherine Alecia "Cathy" Townsend 6th Grandniece
Cecelia Linn Hunter 6th Grandniece
Cecil Jones 6th grandnephew
Chad Michael "Chad" Dupree 6th grandnephew
Charlene Edwards 6th Grandniece
Charles Chapman "Chappy" Sledge 6th grandnephew
Charles D. Douglas 6th grandnephew
Charles Elgin Hunter 6th grandnephew
Charles Everett Hunter 6th grandnephew
Charles James "Jimmy" Cooper 6th grandnephew
Charles Paul Palmer , Jr. 6th grandnephew
Charlie Glen "Glen" Dupree 6th grandnephew
Charon Sabrina Long 6th Grandniece
Chrisopher Dupree Norris 6th grandnephew
Christi Ann Lack 6th Grandniece
Christina Louise Pilcher 6th Grandniece
Christine Hunter 6th Grandniece
Christine Price 6th Grandniece
Christopher Britian "Christopher" Hart 6th grandnephew
Christopher Mark Owens 6th grandnephew
Claudia Rhea Barker 6th Grandniece
Clayton Daniel "Clayton" La Tour 6th grandnephew
Cliffton Daniel "Cliffton" La Tour 6th grandnephew
Clifton Cordell Dupree 6th grandnephew
Clora Lou Hunter 6th Grandniece
Coby Mitchell Snead 6th grandnephew
Collie Britain "Britt" Sledge , Jr. 6th grandnephew
Curtis "Curt" Jay Dupree , II 6th grandnephew
Curtis Dennis "Curtis" La Tour , III 6th grandnephew
Curtis Loftin 6th grandnephew Died befor Jo
Cynthia Ann "Cindy" Dupree 6th Grandniece
Cynthia Bell 6th Grandniece
Cynthia Susan Norris 6th Grandniece
Dale Russell Dupree 6th grandnephew
Danelle Alisa Dupree 6th Grandniece
Daniel Anglin "Danny" Sledge , Jr. 6th grandnephew
Daniel Glenn Anderson 6th grandnephew
Daniel Marion Snead 6th grandnephew
Daniel Morgan "Dan" Dupree 6th grandnephew
Daniel Roy "Dan" Dupree 6th grandnephew
Danielle Grace Dupree 6th Grandniece
Danna Jo Happel 6th Grandniece
Danny Lynn Sprinkle 6th grandnephew
Danny Ray Greer 6th grandnephew
Dave Noel "Davy" Norris Jr. 6th grandnephew
David Hogan Hunter 6th grandnephew
David Melvin Owens 6th grandnephew
David Ross Jackson 6th grandnephew
David Roy Coffey , Jr. 6th grandnephew
David William "David" Dupree 6th grandnephew
Davy Ann Holley 6th Grandniece
Deborah Gayle White 6th Grandniece
Deborah Lynn Rikard 6th Grandniece
Deborah Sue Cleveland 6th Grandniece
Dennis Craig Dry 6th grandnephew
Derek Reed Dupree 6th grandnephew
Derek Wayne McGee 6th grandnephew
Diane Jackson 6th Grandniece
Dixie Rae Jackson 6th Grandniece
Dixie Rae Miller 6th Grandniece
Dock Franklin Cleveland 6th grandnephew
Donald Britian "Britt" Dupree 6th grandnephew
Donald Edward "Don" Dupree 6th grandnephew
Donald Henry Teer 6th grandnephew
Donald Ray "Don" Scarborough 6th grandnephew
Donald Ray Snead 6th grandnephew
Donna Glen Morgan 6th Grandniece
Donna Glynn Hawkins 6th Grandniece
Donna Maria Hamilton 6th Grandniece
Donya Dupree 6th Grandniece
Doree Anne Teer 6th Grandniece
Doris "Dot" Loftin 6th Grandniece
Doris Elaine Norman 6th Grandniece
Doris Jones 6th Grandniece
Dorita Kay Hamilton 6th Grandniece
Dr. Eric Charles "Eric" Dupree 6th grandnephew
Dr. Herman Lawson "Brother" Kile Jr. 6th grandnephew
Dr. Jason Ivy "Jason" Dupree 6th grandnephew
Edward Alton "Buddy" Forrest , Jr. 6th grandnephew
Eileen Morgan 6th Grandniece
Elenrae Joyner 6th Grandniece
Elizabeth Cudd Loftin 6th Grandniece
Elizabeth Morgan 6th Grandniece
Ellen Dorothy Teer 6th Grandniece
Emilane Joyner 6th Grandniece
Emily Elizabeth Martin 6th Grandniece
Erin Leah "Erin" Dupree 6th Grandniece
Esther Rebecca "Becky" Strickland 6th Grandniece
Felton Lee Teer , Jr. 6th grandnephew
Finnis Durham McKellar , Jr. 6th grandnephew
Flora Juanita Snead 6th Grandniece
Floyd Adcock 6th grandnephew
Floyd Scotty Wilson 6th grandnephew
Frances Ellen "Francell" Maroney 6th Grandniece
Francis Wayne "Whitey" Cole 6th grandnephew
Frankie Joyce Cartwright 6th Grandniece
Fred Sconyers Gahagan 6th grandnephew
Gary Dan "Gary" Dupree 6th grandnephew
Gary L. Brewer 6th grandnephew
Gary Oquin "Trae" Dupree III 6th grandnephew
Geoffrey Dupre' Long 6th grandnephew
George Clinton "Clint" Stinson 6th grandnephew
George Marshall Riser 6th grandnephew
George Pearson Methvin 6th grandnephew
Gerald Alan Cleveland 6th grandnephew
Gerald Stuart Johnson 6th grandnephew
Gerri Annette Holt 6th Grandniece
Gilda "Gil" Copeland 6th Grandniece
Gina Lizonne Allen 6th Grandniece
Ginellen Joyner 6th Grandniece
Glen Edward Holley 6th grandnephew
Glenn Lee Gahagan 6th grandnephew
Glenn Napoleon Greer 6th grandnephew
Gloria Janet Hunter 6th Grandniece
Gloria Louise Jones 6th Grandniece
Gregory Alan "Greg" Dupree 6th grandnephew
Gregory Scott Johnson 6th grandnephew
Gwendel Teer 6th Grandniece
Gwendolyn Adkins 6th Grandniece
Harold Dean Harvill 6th grandnephew
Harry Quitman "Bud" Gahagan 6th grandnephew
Helen Bennette McDowell 6th Grandniece
Helen Diane "Diane" DeLoache, 6th Grandniece Dallas, Texas 17 Sept 2011
Henry Cole "Coley" Gahagan Jr. 6th grandnephew
Henry Ella Hunter 6th Grandniece
Henry Eugene Cudo Jr. 6th grandnephew
Holly Robinson 6th Grandniece
Hubbard Sanders "Hub" Bosley 6th grandnephew
Ian Matthew Spicher 6th grandnephew
Ila Ruth Adkins 6th Grandniece
Ima Violet Adkins 6th Grandniece
Jack Edward Forrest 6th grandnephew
Jack Everett "Jackie" Lack 6th grandnephew
Jack Ezel Lucia 6th Grandniece
Jack Glenn Teer 6th grandnephew
James Allen "Jim" Spann 6th grandnephew
James Alvin Snead 6th grandnephew
James Brittain "James" Sewell 6th grandnephew
James Edward Teer 6th grandnephew
James Ernest Brown 6th grandnephew
James Marshall Hunter 6th grandnephew
James Randall "Randy" Madden 6th grandnephew
James Terrell "Jim" Huckabay , Jr. 6th grandnephew
Jane Elizabeth Teer 6th Grandniece
Jane Evelyn Hunter 6th Grandniece
Jane LaVerne "Pinky" Teer 6th Grandniece
Jane-Ellen Elizabeth Madden 6th Grandniece
Janet Lee Leepin 6th Grandniece
Janice Anne Cole 6th Grandniece
Jarrett David Greer 6th grandnephew
Jean Ann Hunter 6th Grandniece
Jeffrey Glen Dupree 6th grandnephew
Jeffrey Michael "Mike" Madden 6th grandnephew
Jennifer Claire (Benton) Dupree 6th Grandniece
Jennifer Michelle Williams 6th Grandniece
Jenny Wilson 6th Grandniece
Jerry Anglin Hunter 6th grandnephew
Jerry Lane Adkins 6th grandnephew
Jerry Loftin 6th grandnephew Died before Joe
Jesse "Frank" Sheppard 6th grandnephew
Joe Clinton Cole 6th grandnephew
Joe Edward Snead 6th grandnephew
Joe Worth Wilson 6th grandnephew
Joel David Holley Jr. 6th grandnephew
Joel Rene' Roberts 6th grandnephew
John Allen "Allen" Dupree 6th grandnephew
John Allen Ridley 6th grandnephew
John Clifton Hunter 6th grandnephew
John David Pumilio 6th grandnephew
John Edward "Butch" Dupree , Jr. 6th grandnephew
John Frank Dry III 6th grandnephew
John Griffin Loftin 6th grandnephew
John Henry Cole 6th grandnephew
John Hunter Hawkins 6th grandnephew
Johnnie Daniel "Danny" Teer 6th grandnephew
Johsua Dupree "Josh" Winner 6th grandnephew
Jonathan Lee Dupree 6th grandnephew
Jordan Michael Dupree 6th grandnephew
Joseph "Joey" Pumilio 6th grandnephew
Joseph Calvin "Joe" Jones 6th grandnephew
Joy Dell Bogan 6th Grandniece
Judith Anne "Judy" Hunter 6th Grandniece
Judy Darlene Hunter 6th Grandniece
Julia Elizabeth Norman 6th Grandniece
Junial Duncan Douglas , Jr. 6th grandnephew
KaLani Hunter 6th Grandniece
Karen Denise Teer 6th Grandniece
Karen Diane "Karen" Forrest 6th Grandniece
Karen Elizabeth Holley 6th Grandniece
Karen Fern Hunter 6th Grandniece
Karol Elizabeth White 6th Grandniece
Kathleen "Kathy" Morgan 6th Grandniece
Kathleen Joan "Kathy" Holley 6th Grandniece
Kathy Kay Teer 6th Grandniece
Kayron Adkins 6th Grandniece
Kaysea Copeland 6th Grandniece
Kenneth Wayne "Kenneth" Sewell 6th grandnephew
Kent Talmadge Greer 6th grandnephew
Kerri Amanda Dupree 6th Grandniece
Kevin Lee Dupree 6th grandnephew
Kevin Lewis Williams 6th grandnephew
Kim Hunter 6th Grandniece
Kimberly Ann Spicher 6th Grandniece
Kimberly Carolyn Forrest 6th Grandniece
Kimberly Kaye Dupree 6th Grandniece
Kodi Michelle Dupree 6th Grandniece
Krista Robin "Krista" Dupree 6th Grandniece
Kristin Renee McCoy 6th Grandniece
Kylie Lane Dupree 6th Grandniece
Landis Bane Greer 6th grandnephew
Larrie Jane "Janie" Lindsey 6th Grandniece
Larry Everett Snead 6th grandnephew
Laura Ellen Hunter 6th Grandniece
Lauren Schueler 6th Grandniece
Lee Norbert Cole 6th grandnephew
Lem Cagle Jones 6th grandnephew
Leslie Byron "L.B." Snead 6th grandnephew
Leslie Lynn Lack 6th Grandniece
Leta Ellen Townsend 6th Grandniece
Lewis Allison Hunter II 6th grandnephew
Lewis Hunter Brown 6th grandnephew
Lillian Ida Loftin 6th Grandniece
Linda Carol Loe 6th Grandniece
Linda Carol Teer 6th Grandniece
Linda Lou Bunch 6th Grandniece
Linda Lou Hunter 6th Grandniece
Linda Lou Maroney 6th Grandniece
Lisa Ann Owens 6th Grandniece
Louise Teer 6th Grandniece
Lucien Thurman Hunter 6th grandnephew
Lucy Adkins 6th Grandniece
Lucy Krista "Kris" Barker 6th Grandniece
Lula "Lou" Valley Sheppard 6th Grandniece
Lynn Teer 6th Grandniece
Madison Paige Adams 6th Grandniece
Marian Azell "Bootsie" Bogan 6th Grandniece
Marian Lane Morgan 6th Grandniece
Marijane Long 6th Grandniece
Marjorie Alice "Casey" Cole 6th Grandniece
Marjorie Kathleen Loftin 6th Grandniece
Mark David Long 6th grandnephew
Martha Arlene Jones 6th Grandniece
Martha Lucie Riser 6th Grandniece
Marvin Freeman "Mickey" Gahagan 6th grandnephew
Mary Ann Stephens 6th Grandniece
Mary Anne Holley 6th Grandniece
Mary Annette Jones 6th Grandniece
Mary Catherine Coffey 6th Grandniece
Mary Cheryl Martin 6th Grandniece
Mary Jean Harvill 6th Grandniece
Mary Jean Lack 6th Grandniece
Mary Jo Loftin 6th Grandniece
Mary Powell Bosley 6th Grandniece
Mary Sue Ball 6th Grandniece
Mary Suzonne Allen 6th Grandniece
Mattie-Sue Gahagan 6th Grandniece
Max Morgan 6th grandnephew
Meredith Cox 6th Grandniece
Micah Paxton Forrest 6th grandnephew
Michael "Mike" John Dupree 6th grandnephew
Michael Daniel Simpson 6th grandnephew
Michael Henry Cole 6th grandnephew
Michael Howard "Mike" Barker 6th grandnephew
Michael Joseph "Mike" Owens 6th grandnephew
Michael Wayne Hunter 6th grandnephew
Michael joseph Lucia Jr. 6th grandnephew
Milton Andrew "Andy" Montgomery 6th grandnephew
Milton Stephen "Trey" McGee , III 6th grandnephew
Miss Also Loftin 6th Grandniece
Miss Loftin 6th Grandniece
Myra Faye Fair 6th Grandniece
Nancy Ann Huckabay 6th Grandniece
Nathan Floyd Forrest 6th grandnephew
Nelda Ruth McDowell 6th Grandniece
Nina Flora Adkins 6th Grandniece
Nita Clare Roberts 6th Grandniece
Nona Ann Sewell 6th Grandniece
Norma Dale McKellar 6th Grandniece
Norma Vernelle Hunter 6th Grandniece
Olga Camille Jones 6th Grandniece
Ormand Daniel James 6th grandnephew
Pam Jones 6th Grandniece
Pamela Sue Teer 6th Grandniece
Patricia Anne "Pat" Holley 6th Grandniece
Patricia Carolina "Carrie" Dupree 6th Grandniece
Patricia Dianne Whitten 6th Grandniece
Patricia Lou "Patty" Wiggins 6th Grandniece
Patricia Lucinia "Patsy" Hunter 6th Grandniece
Patsy Elaine "Pat" Greer 6th Grandniece
Patsy Jean Bunch 6th Grandniece
Paul Garvis Lewandowski 6th grandnephew
Paul Reed Barker 6th grandnephew
Paula Deborah Hunter 6th Grandniece
Paula Kay Holley 6th Grandniece
Paula Laine Hunter 6th Grandniece
Pauline "Elizabeth" Zaunbrecher 6th Grandniece
Peggy Ann Hunter 6th Grandniece
Peggy Elizabeth Hunter 6th Grandniece
Penny Lea Dupree 6th Grandniece
Perry Dupree Anderson 6th grandnephew
Philip Elmer Morgan 6th grandnephew
Phillip Anthony Cole 6th grandnephew
Phillip Blaine Long 6th grandnephew
Phillip Jordan Adams 6th grandnephew
Phillip Mark "Mark" Morgan 6th grandnephew
Rachel Reba Forrest 6th Grandniece
Ramona "Mona" Copeland 6th Grandniece
Ramona Adkins 6th Grandniece
Ramona Ann Wilson 6th Grandniece
Ramona Hunter 6th Grandniece
Randal Allan Sprinkle 6th grandnephew
Randall "Randy" Anglin Wiggins 6th grandnephew
Randall Lane "Randy" Dupree 6th grandnephew
Raymond Hunter Cartwright 6th grandnephew
Rebecca Chrysler 6th Grandniece
Rebecca Jean "Becky" Hunter 6th Grandniece
Rebecca Jo "Becca" Anderson 6th Grandniece
Rebecca Wrigth "Becky" Dupree 6th Grandniece
Reisha Roxanne Snead 6th Grandniece
Rev. Wiley Charles Cole 6th grandnephew
Richard "Ricky" Loftin 6th grandnephew
Richard Franklin DeLoache, 6th grandnephew
Richard Michael "Mike" Lindsey 6th grandnephew
Richard Wayne "Richard" Dupree 6th grandnephew
Rita Louise Hunter 6th Grandniece
Robert "Bob" Mark Bell 6th grandnephew
Robert David Hamilton 6th grandnephew
Robert Earl James , Jr. 6th grandnephew
Robert Luther "Lukey" Snead 6th grandnephew
Robert Saylor "Bob" Snead 6th grandnephew
Robert William "Bob" Sledge 6th grandnephew
Robyn Renai Bennett 6th Grandniece
Rodney Michael Snead 6th grandnephew
Ronald Teer 6th grandnephew
Ronald Truett Sledge 6th grandnephew
Rosemary Pumilio 6th Grandniece
Roy Charles Methvin 6th grandnephew
Roy Quitman Cole III 6th grandnephew
Roy Williams 6th grandnephew
Ruby Ruth Douglas 6th Grandniece
Russell Duane Snead 6th grandnephew
Russell E. "Buddy" Gahagan Jr. 6th grandnephew
Ruth Teer 6th Grandniece
Ryan Britt "Ryan" Dupree 6th grandnephew
Sabrina Ann Teer 6th Grandniece
Samuel "Sam" Greer 6th grandnephew
Samuel Dupree "Sam" Lack 6th grandnephew
Samuel Roy "Sam" Dupree 6th grandnephew
Sandra Estelle McDowell 6th Grandniece
Sandra Lynn Hunter 6th Grandniece
Sandra McKellar 6th Grandniece
Sarah Emma McDowell 6th Grandniece
Sarah Katherine Dowling, 6th Grandniece
Sarah Lynn "Sarah" Dupree 6th Grandniece
Scott Sledge 6th grandnephew
Sean Devin McCoy 6th grandnephew
Sharon Ann Cleveland 6th Grandniece
Sharon Anne Hunter 6th Grandniece
Sharon Nanette Pilcher 6th Grandniece
Shelley Elise "Shelley" Stinson 6th Grandniece
Sherlyn Dianne Teer 6th Grandniece
Sherry Lynn Hunter 6th Grandniece
Sheryl Kay Brown 6th Grandniece
Shirley Ann Teer 6th Grandniece
Shirley Marie Sewell 6th Grandniece
Stanley Malone Brown 6th grandnephew
Stanley Malone Brown 6th grandnephew
Stephanie Diane Dry 6th Grandniece
Stephen Carroll Robinson 6th grandnephew
Stephen Wayne Long 6th grandnephew
Steven Edward Cole 6th grandnephew
Sue Ann Douglas 6th Grandniece
Sue Diane Hawkins 6th Grandniece STILLBORN
Summer Gaylene Dupree 6th Grandniece
Susan Cartwright 6th Grandniece
Susie Snead 6th Grandniece
Suzanne Adkins 6th Grandniece
Suzanne Lee Bogan 6th Grandniece
Suzanne Rene' Rapp 6th Grandniece
Sylvia Anne Jackson 6th Grandniece
Taylor Marklin "Mark" Sledge 6th grandnephew
Terri Gayle Dupree 6th Grandniece
Terry Lynn Hunter 6th Grandniece
Terry Wayne "T.W." Wright , Jr. 6th grandnephew
Thelma Joyce "Toy" Cole 6th Grandniece
Therman Delane "Dink" Sewell , Jr. 6th grandnephew
Theron Rawls Dupree Jr. 6th grandnephew
Thyra Nadine Hunter 6th Grandniece
Timothy John "Tim" Lewandowski 6th grandnephew
Todd Benjamin "Todd" Dupree 6th grandnephew
Tommy Glen Jones 6th grandnephew
Tonia Gayle Wimberly 6th Grandniece
Tony Glen Teer 6th grandnephew
Tracey Lynn Williams 6th Grandniece
Tracie Deanna Keith 6th Grandniece
Truman Irene "Tru" Methvin 6th Grandniece
Valine Sledge 6th Grandniece
Vickie Marie Teer 6th Grandniece
Victor Anthony Lionel "Val" Long 6th grandnephew
Virginia Gail "Ginger" Hunter 6th Grandniece
Virginia Rae "Rae" Wright 6th Grandniece
Viva june Douglas 6th Grandniece
Walter Magruder Scarborough 6th grandnephew
Walter Orie "Butch" Hunter Jr. 6th grandnephew
Wanda Lynn Brown 6th Grandniece
Wendy Ann Happel 6th Grandniece
Wendy Jo Snyder 6th Grandniece
Wesley Elizabeth Dowling, 6th Grandniece
Wiley Benton Preslar 6th grandnephew
Wiley Edwin "Ed" Hunter 6th grandnephew
William "Bill" Bell , Sr. 6th grandnephew
William "Bill" Stephens 6th grandnephew
William "Billy" Kent Dupree, II Dupree 6th grandnephew
William "Lake" Howard 6th grandnephew
William "Rodney" Wimberly 6th grandnephew
William Carroll "Bill" Lindsey 6th grandnephew
William Clyde "Bill" Fulbright III 6th grandnephew
William Dean Long 6th grandnephew
William Douglas Hamilton 6th grandnephew
William Gaines Dupree 6th grandnephew
William Leslie "Bill" Hunter Jr. 6th grandnephew
William Leslie Hunter III 6th grandnephew
William Mark Strickland 6th grandnephew
William McDonald Loftin 6th grandnephew
William Morris Coffey 6th grandnephew
William Orie Hunter III 6th grandnephew
William Oscar James 6th grandnephew
William Post Goins II 6th grandnephew
William Roby "Bill" Jones 6th grandnephew
William Wiley "Bill" Gahagan 6th grandnephew
Zelma Jean McKellar 6th Grandniece
Willie Mae Hunter 6th Grandniece Red River Parish, LA 19 Oct 1918 Merryville, Beauregard Parish, LA 18 Feb 1981
Gladys Uval Dell Price 6th Grandniece Red River Parish, LA 18 May 1921 Houston, TX 24 Sep 1986
John Wiley Snead 6th grandnephew 14 Jul 1922 14 Jul 1922
Aubrey Clinton Adcock , Jr. 6th grandnephew 22 Aug 1922 6 Jul 1963
Henry Benjamin Ford Price 6th grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 9 Jan 1923 Istus le Tube, France (WWII) 16 Apr 1945
Melvin Methvin 6th grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 31 Dec 1923 4 Jun 1925
Vernon Cleveland "Pistol" Morgan 6th grandnephew 3 Jan 1924 Coushatta, LA 4 Nov 2000
Evelyn E. Snead 6th Grandniece 15 Oct 1924 Mansfield, LA 7 Jul 2001
Drucilla Hunter 6th Grandniece Red River Parish, LA 10 Jan 1925 23 Dec 2006
Amelia Alice "Megia" Preslar 6th Grandniece Delhi, LA 22 Jan 1925 Transylvania, LA 16 Jan 1978
W.T. Methvin 6th grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 6 Jul 1926 27 Nov 1944
Emma Francis Preslar 6th Grandniece Delhi, LA 2 Feb 1927 Monroe, LA 24 Aug 1984
Marjorie Ann Clinton 6th Grandniece Red River Parish, LA 13 Mar 1927 Onalaska, TX 29 Aug 2000
Willaim Cliffton Hunter 6th grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 7 Aug 1927 Red River Parish, LA 7 Aug 1927
Wanda Yvonne Nails 6th Grandniece Red River Parish, LA 14 Sep 1927 Shreveport, LA 24 Apr 1995
Bobbie Lee Martin 6th Grandniece Castor, LA 30 Jan 1928 Jasper, TX 17 Jul 2002
Reginald Taylor Snead 6th grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 7 Apr 1928 Martin, LA 1 Apr 1993
Ruth Esma Hunter 6th Grandniece 28 Sep 1928 27 Feb 1932
Wyolene Jeanette Fair 6th Grandniece Red River Parish, LA 24 Nov 1928 Martin, LA (at home) 5 Jul 1972
Curtis Dwayne Loftin 6th grandnephew 8 Dec 1928 8 Dec 1928
Francis Wayland Clinton 6th grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 2 Jan 1929 Bossier City, LA 22 Aug 1991
Orville Darwin Price 6th grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 2 May 1929 4 Apr 1997
Billie Marcelene Cooper 6th Grandniece 28 Nov 1929 28 Nov 1929
William Schley "Bill" Adkins , Jr. 6th grandnephew Coushatta, LA 19 Dec 1929 Shreveport, LA 19 Mar 1993
Flora Jean "Flo" Martin 6th Grandniece Princeton, LA 1 Jul 1930 Jackson, MS 25 Dec 1999
Thomas Barron Preslar 6th grandnephew Shreveport, LA 20 Nov 1930 Dallas, TX near Longview, TX 29 Oct 1995
Durwood Crawford Nails 6th grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 14 Feb 1931 Shreveport, LA 1 Sep 2006
Norma Jean Locke 6th Grandniece Shreveport, LA 5 Jul 1931 Shreveport, LA 5 Oct 2002
Nina Faye Adkins 6th Grandniece Red River Parish, LA 9 Aug 1931 Shreveport, LA 6 Jul 1987
Benjamine Wiley Scarborough 6th Grandniece 11 Aug 1931 13 Aug 1931
James Wilmot "Witty" Fair 6th grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 13 Jan 1932 Coushatta, LA 31 Oct 2002
Griffin Bertrand Loftin 6th grandnephew 27 Apr 1932 26 Aug 1954
Gladys Eva Hunter 6th Grandniece 1 Jun 1932 18 Feb 1933
Barbara Lynn Williams 6th Grandniece ABT 1932 2 Nov 1932
Edwina Snead 6th Grandniece Red River Parish, LA 10 Sep 1932 20 Sep 1937
Barbara Amelia Adcock 6th Grandniece 2 Apr 1933 9 Jan 2007
George Henry Cooper , Jr. 6th grandnephew Bossier City, LA 3 Aug 1933 Houston, TX 3 Mar 1956
Hubert Gerald Coffey 6th grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 28 Oct 1933 Shreveport, LA 15 Jun 1992
Joe Errol Loftin 6th grandnephew Kilgore, TX 27 Dec 1933 Salt Lake City, UT 16 Jul 2006
Robert Louis "Bob" Teer 6th grandnephew Sheridan, TX 30 Dec 1933 New Orleans, LA 6 Jan 2002
Patricia "Pat" Gahagan 6th Grandniece Natchitoches, LA 24 Mar 1934 Austin, TX 13 Sep 2002
Frances Nell Teer 6th Grandniece Red River Parish, LA 2 May 1934 Shreveport, LA 16 Jan 2004
Wayne Alan Williams 6th grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 8 Sep 1934 Bossier City, LA 25 Jan 1997
Infant Son Jones 6th grandnephew 8 Mar 1935 8 Mar 1935
Mena Claire Brown 6th Grandniece Harmon, LA 1 May 1935 Coushatta, LA 27 Sep 2002
Mena Claire Brown 6th Grandniece Harmon, LA 1 May 1935 Coushatta, LA 27 Sep 2002
Myra Sue Clinton 6th Grandniece Shreveport, LA 30 Oct 1935 Shreveport, LA 18 Jul 2007
Lela Joyce Harvill 6th Grandniece Coushatta, LA 22 Aug 1936 29 Dec 2004
William Royce Hunter 6th grandnephew 14 Sep 1936 20 Mar 1996
James Ovid Hunter 6th grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 22 Dec 1936 Red River Parish, LA 27 Jan 1937
Mattie Yvonne Coffey 6th Grandniece Ashland, Red River, LA 4 February 1937 Shreveport, Caddo, LA, USA 11 January 2012
Nancy Earl Sheppard 6th Grandniece Delhi, LA 6 May 1937 Harrisonburg, Louisiana 17 Oct 1988
Ravena Rae "Bobbie" Lindsey 6th Grandniece Red River Parish, LA 27 May 1937 Shreveport, LA 17 May 2001
Jerry Lamon Fair 6th grandnephew Shreveport, LA 7 Feb 1938 Red River Parish, LA 18 Jan 2004
Patricia Yvonne Jones 6th Grandniece 12 Aug 1938 30 Jun 1955
Barbara Ann Teer 6th Grandniece El Dorado, AR 25 Aug 1939 Plano, TX 6 Feb 1997
Joann Snead 6th Grandniece Red River Parish, LA 14 Nov 1939 Coushatta, LA 17 Aug 1999
James Emerson Snead 6th grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 7 Jan 1940 Shreveport, LA 6 Aug 2004
Luther Wayne Methvin 6th grandnephew Coushatta, LA 1 Oct 1940 27 Jan 1945
Franky Cleveland Jones 6th grandnephew Shreveport, LA 16 Dec 1940 Shreveport, LA 12 Jan 1982
Mae Sue Teer 6th Grandniece Decatur, AL 1 Jan 1941 Miami, FL Dec 1982
Bruce Cartwright Jr. 6th grandnephew Shreveport, LA 25 Jun 1941 Bossier City, LA 18 Feb 1999
Flo Kinnebrwe Gahagan 6th Grandniece Shreveport, LA 22 Nov 1941 Shreveport, LA 22 Nov 1941
Gene Greer Owens 6th grandnephew Savannah, GA 23 Nov 1941 Santa Rosa, CA 2 Jan 2005
Marilyn Kay Hawkins 6th Grandniece 31 Jan 1942 14 Sep 1942
Sharon Raye Norman
Horace Randall Bosley 6th grandnephew Coushatta, LA 2 May 1942 Coushatta, LA 19 Jul 1967
Monte Zuma Teer 6th grandnephew 1942 1942
Edith James "Dede" Douglas 6th Grandniece Red River Parish, LA 11 Jul 1942 Red River Parish, LA 21 Apr 2005
Nancy Kay Fulbright 6th Grandniece Little Rock, AR 30 Oct 1942 Baldwin Park, CA Jul 1970
William Carroll Lindsey 6th grandnephew 16 Nov 1942 20 Dec 1942
Malcolm Sims "Mack" Teer 6th grandnephew Houston, TX 2 Jun 1943 Kodiak, AK 3 Jul 1966
Bill Owens 6th grandnephew 8 Jul 1943 13 Aug 1959
Willaim Edward "Billy" Teer 6th grandnephew Columbia, SC 3 Jan 1944 Vietnam War 18 Sep 1966
Justine Gladys Teer 6th Grandniece Shreveport, LA 19 Jul 1944 Shreveport, LA 6 Mar 1945
John Charles Snead 6th grandnephew Red River Parish, LA 10 May 1945 Red River Parish, LA 13 Jan 1999
Diane Lucie Cole 6th Grandniece Atlanta, GA 18 Oct 1945 Nashua, NH 20 Sep 1996
Turner Stephens "Steve" Jones , II 6th grandnephew Shreveport, LA 1 Nov 1945 7 Nov 2007
Benjamin Oswald "Buddy" Jones , III 6th grandnephew Shreveport, LA 27 Mar 1947 Shreveport, LA 21 Dec 2004
Stephen Charles Sledge 6th grandnephew 12 May 1947 Hammond, Louisiana Prior to Dec. 1994
Katherine Anne "Kathy" Hunter 6th Grandniece Baton Rouge, LA 24 May 1947 Federal Way, WA 26 Jun 2007
Omie Faye Snead 6th Grandniece Red River Parish, LA 3 May 1948 Alexandria, LA 6 Mar 2008
Larry Brewer 6th grandnephew 22 Nov 1948 Honolulu, Hawaii 23 May 2003
Jerrell Franklin Cleveland 6th grandnephew Birmingham, AL 17 Aug 1949 Birmingham, AL 19 Aug 1949
Terrell Keith Cleveland 6th grandnephew Birmingham, AL 17 Aug 1949 Birmingham, AL 18 Aug 1949
Michael Dwayne Long 6th grandnephew Houston, TX 9 Nov 1949 Zephyr, TX 5 Aug 2003
Willaim Gene "Bill" Hunter 6th grandnephew Baton Rouge, LA 14 Sep 1950 Cannon City, CO 19 Dec 2005
Marian Leigh Hunter 6th Grandniece San Antonio, TX 8 Dec 1950 Shreveport, LA 5 Feb 1996
Infant Lindsey 6th grandnephew 15 Nov 1951 15 Nov 1951
Joyce Rae Teer 6th Grandniece Natchitoches, LA 14 Dec 1951 Natchitoches Parish, LA 8 May 1952
Ronald Gary Lindsey 6th grandnephew 10 Apr 1952 18 Dec 1973
Deborah Sledge 6th Grandniece 23 Oct 1952 29 Aug 1978
Mark Alan "Wild Bill" Dupree 6th grandnephew Shreveport, LA 3 Jan 1953 Shreveport, LA 16 Aug 2007
Francis Leonard Spann "Frank Lynn" Spann 6th grandnephew Wisner, LA 8 Sep 1953 Arlington, TX 9 Jul 1994
Byron Wayne Snead 6th grandnephew 13 Sep 1953 New Orleans, LA 15 Dec 1980
Eldridge Emmett Reynolds 6th grandnephew Delhi, LA 9 Apr 1955 Monroe, LA 7 Nov 1978
William Lloyd Snead 6th grandnephew Coushatta, LA 11 Aug 1955 Coushatta, LA 23 Jul 1997
Martha Nell Whitten 6th Grandniece Shreveport, LA 10 Jun 1957 Shreveport, LA 21 Nov 1990
Kenneth Tracy Prestridge 6th grandnephew Sewart AFB, Smyrna, Rutherford County, TN 23 Jul 1957 Smyrna, TN 24 Jul 1957
Simeon Watson Teer , Jr. 6th grandnephew 20 Nov 1957 Robeline, LA 22 Dec 1957
Teresa True Kile 6th Grandniece Shreveport, Louisiana 2 Aug 1959 Shreveport, LA 26 Dec 2010
Coleton Blaine Barnett 6th grandnephew Vivian, LA 26 Nov 1960 Shreveport, LA 10 Apr 1983
Curtis Benjamin "C.B." Sledge 6th grandnephew Natchez, MS 27 Feb 1963 Alexandria, LA 14 Apr 1986
Lori Elizabeth "Lori" Dupree 6th Grandniece Shreveport, Louisiana 27 Sep 1974 Coushatta, Louisiana 2 May 1992
Virginia Grace "Ginny" LaTour
Daniel Trigg "Trigg" LaTour
Benjamin Ivy LaTour
Mary Bowen "Mary B." LaTour
Anna Elizabeth "Anna Beth" LaTour
Nathaniel Brittian "Nate" LaTour
Luke Stockley "Luke" LaTour
Issac Fletcher "Fletcher" LaTour
Sarah Elizabeth Moore "Essie" LaTour
7th grandnephews & 7th grandnieces
"Adam" Bennett Sheppard 7th grandnephew
"Amy" Lou Linder 7th Grandniece
"Ashlee" Christine Williams 7th Grandniece
"Bradley" Ashbury Watts, 7th grandnephew
"Brian" Michael Smith 7th grandnephew
"Bryan" Joseph Hamlin 7th grandnephew
"Byron" Jeffrey Buckley 7th grandnephew
"Caitlin" Margaret Smith 7th Grandniece
"Clayton" Cole Robinson 7th grandnephew
"Courtney" Lee McCabe 7th Grandniece
"Daniel" Anglin Sledge , III 7th grandnephew
"Derek" Cole Ainsworth 7th grandnephew
"Eric" George Borquist 7th grandnephew
"Haley" Lauren Dupree 7th Grandniece
"Holly" Elizabeth Dupree 7th Grandniece
"Jenifer" Dianne Hudson 7th Grandniece
"Jeremy" Allen Poole, 7th grandnephew
"Jesse" Cleveland Ainsworth 7th grandnephew
"Jill" Ann Buckley 7th Grandniece
"John" Daniel Sheppard , Jr. 7th grandnephew
"Jonathan" Robert Goodman 7th grandnephew
"Julie" Allison Buckley 7th Grandniece
"Justin" Isaac Goodman 7th grandnephew
"Karl" Eric Borquist 7th grandnephew
"Keith" Patrick DeLand 7th grandnephew
"Kimberly" Ann Watts, 7th Grandniece
"Lindsay" Dawn Poole, 7th Grandniece
"Lindsey" Danielle Sheppard 7th Grandniece
"Margaret" Ann Linder 7th Grandniece
"Melissa" Yvette Sheppard 7th Grandniece
"Michael" Jack Bell 7th grandnephew
"Michael" Lynn Poole , Jr. 7th grandnephew
"Niles" Ivan Borquist 7th grandnephew
"Randy" Edward Parker 7th grandnephew
"Robert" Earl Sheppard 7th grandnephew
"Sarah" Beatrice Sheppard 7th Grandniece
"Sarah" Elizabeth Buckley 7th Grandniece
"Steven" Paul Leleux 7th grandnephew
"Taylor" Lane Robinson 7th Grandniece
Aadyn Scott Darbonne 7th grandnephew
Abigail Claire Bass 7th Grandniece
Abigail Latrisha Mitchell 7th Grandniece
Adam Roy "Adam" Morgan 7th grandnephew
Addie Rose Marshall 7th Grandniece
Addison Holiday King 7th Grandniece
Adrienne Claire Harvill 7th Grandniece
Adrienne Gaston Cole 7th Grandniece
Aiden Richard Dupree 7th grandnephew
Ainslee Elizabeth Dupree 7th Grandniece
Ainsley Elise Anderson 7th Grandniece
Alan Christopher Lawhonne 7th grandnephew
Alana Kay Griffin 7th Grandniece
Alanea Watson 7th Grandniece
Albert Mason Teer 7th grandnephew
Albin James "AL or AJ" Teer 7th grandnephew
Alex Dupree 7th grandnephew
Alicia Jane Walsworth 7th Grandniece
Alishia Ferguson 7th Grandniece
Allen Michael "Miky" Jones 7th grandnephew
Allison Dean Skees 7th Grandniece
Allison Elizabeth Strickland 7th Grandniece
Allison Nichole Long 7th Grandniece
Allison Taylor Cole 7th Grandniece
Allyson Elizabeth Gahagan 7th Grandniece
Allyson Marie Serio 7th Grandniece
Alyson Marie Holley 7th Grandniece
Alyssa Grace Cleveland 7th Grandniece
Amanda Carol "Mandy" Jones 7th Grandniece
Amanda Kathleen Lewandowski 7th Grandniece
Amanda Lynn Hirsch 7th Grandniece
Amanda Lynn Methvin 7th Grandniece
Amber Rae Aulick 7th Grandniece
Amelia Clair "Amelia" Sledge 7th Grandniece
Amie Lu Vercher 7th Grandniece
Amy Elizabeth Fair 7th Grandniece
Amy Elizabeth Huckabay 7th Grandniece
Amy Elizabeth Johnson 7th Grandniece
Andrea Elizabeth Lann 7th Grandniece
Andrea Rene' Henry 7th Grandniece
Andrew Hunter Daivs 7th grandnephew
Andrew James Sprinkle 7th grandnephew
Andrew Johnson 7th grandnephew
Andrew Logan Dupree 7th grandnephew
Andrew Paul Lewandowski 7th grandnephew
Andrew Ryan "Andy" Cole 7th grandnephew
Angel Nicole Long 7th Grandniece
Angela Denis Hunter 7th Grandniece
Angela Sabrine Key 7th Grandniece
Angie Michelle Hawkins 7th Grandniece
Ann Marie Sledge 7th Grandniece
Anna Claire Dry 7th Grandniece
Anna Danielle Hamilton 7th Grandniece
Anna Gabrielle Weems 7th Grandniece
Anna Holley 7th Grandniece
Anna Lisa Morgan 7th Grandniece
Anne Clair D'Amico 7th Grandniece
Anthony Alan "T.J." Forrest , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Anthony Joseph "A.J." Powell 7th grandnephew
Antoinette Williams 7th Grandniece
April Rhea Higgs 7th Grandniece
Arielle Tamar Sprinkle 7th Grandniece
Ashley Angelle Guidry 7th Grandniece
Ashley Eileen Ryan 7th Grandniece
Ashley Lyn Boose 7th Grandniece
Ashley Marie Hunter 7th Grandniece
Ashley Marie Sewell 7th Grandniece
Ashley Melissa Johnson 7th Grandniece
Ashley Preslar McWiggins 7th grandnephew
Ashley Sledge 7th Grandniece
Ashlie Annette Almond 7th Grandniece
Ashton Hunter Brown 7th grandnephew
Audrea Joy Sprinkle 7th Grandniece
Audrey Elizabeth Hunter 7th Grandniece
Baron Hunter Lack 7th grandnephew
Benjamin "Ben" Kent Watts, 7th grandnephew
Benjamin "Ben" Lee DeLand 7th grandnephew
Benjamin Adam Jones 7th grandnephew
Benjamin Cole Teer 7th grandnephew
Benjamin David Snead 7th grandnephew
Benjamin Gibson Cleveland 7th grandnephew
Benjamin Oswald "Ben" Jones , IV 7th grandnephew
Beverly Jeanette Foster 7th Grandniece
Bhul Wesley Teer 7th grandnephew
Billy Allen Melancon 7th grandnephew
Billy Ray "Trey" Shurley III 7th grandnephew
Blake Brewer 7th grandnephew
Blake Harrison Coffey 7th grandnephew
Blayne Hunter Sanders 7th grandnephew
Bobbie Ezelle Teer 7th Grandniece
Bobby Glen Snead 7th grandnephew
Bobby Jack Daniel , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Bobby Kevin Greer 7th grandnephew
Bobby Laury Pettigrew , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Bonnie Lynelle Rasmussen 7th Grandniece
Bradley Leon Davis 7th grandnephew
Brady Hunter Cartwright 7th grandnephew
Brandi Jean Pumilio 7th Grandniece
Brandi Lynn Zeringue 7th Grandniece
Brandi Roxanne Creamer 7th Grandniece
Brandon Alan Snead 7th grandnephew
Brandon Alexander White 7th grandnephew
Brandon Glenn Robinson 7th grandnephew
Brandon John Leamont 7th grandnephew
Brandon Kyle Ivey 7th grandnephew
Brandon Patrick Price 7th grandnephew
Brenda Gayle Cates 7th Grandniece
Brenda Gayle Pettigrew 7th Grandniece
Brian Cargle 7th grandnephew
Brian Paul Pumilio 7th grandnephew
Brian Thomas "Brian" Morgan 7th grandnephew
Brittany Ann Zeringue 7th Grandniece
Brittany King 7th Grandniece
Brittany Rhea Higgs 7th Grandniece
Brittany Suzanne Morgan 7th Grandniece
Bruce Cartwright III 7th grandnephew
Brunson Lee Cartwright 7th grandnephew
Bryan Emil Krippendorf 7th grandnephew
Bryan Ray Tower 7th grandnephew
Cade Daniel Cleaver 7th grandnephew
Caitlin Lee "Taz" Dupree 7th Grandniece
Callie Ryan Barnes 7th Grandniece
Cameron Charles Nunez, 7th grandnephew
Cara Lois Barnes 7th Grandniece
Carla Frances Goben 7th Grandniece
Carlee Joleen Davis 7th Grandniece
Carmen Adkins 7th Grandniece
Carol Lynn Van Buren 7th Grandniece
Carol Yvonne Coffey 7th Grandniece
Carole Jane Flenniken 7th Grandniece
Caroline Amanda "Caroline" Sledge 7th Grandniece
Caroline Brewer 7th Grandniece
Caroline Elizabeth "Caroline" Dupree 7th Grandniece
Caroline Ellison Gallagher 7th Grandniece
Caroline Stanford Hudson 7th Grandniece
Carrie Cargle 7th Grandniece
Carson Olivia Cleaver 7th Grandniece
Cary Rene' Bonnecaze 7th grandnephew
Catherine Anne Raymond 7th Grandniece
Catherine Louise Young 7th Grandniece
Catherine Marie Loftin 7th Grandniece
Catherine Michelle Hunter 7th Grandniece
Cathy Lyn Robinette 7th Grandniece
Cesilee Rose Kendall 7th Grandniece
Chales David "Charlie" Chavez 7th grandnephew
Charles Boyd Stokes III 7th grandnephew
Charles Britian "Charlie" Dupree 7th grandnephew
Charles Christopher "Chris" Crow 7th grandnephew
Charles Coleman Rush Jr. 7th grandnephew
Charles Edward "Chaz" O'Neill 7th grandnephew
Charles Edward Van Buren 7th grandnephew
Charles Elgin Hunter 7th grandnephew
Charles Marion Upshaw 7th grandnephew
Charles Richard Campbell 7th grandnephew
Charles Steven Walker 7th grandnephew
Charles T. McCord , IV 7th grandnephew
Charlie Johnnie Smith , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Charlsie Marie Milner 7th Grandniece
Chase Braxton Long 7th grandnephew
Chelsea Ann Payne 7th Grandniece
Cheryl Ann Hale 7th Grandniece
Cheryl Janice Cole 7th Grandniece
Cheryl Patrice Lucia 7th Grandniece
Child One Somebody 7th grandnephew
Child Two Somebody 7th grandnephew
Chris Wendell Robinette 7th grandnephew
Christa Ray Rasberry, 7th Grandniece
Christina "Christy" Lea Hudson 7th Grandniece
Christina Marie Richardson 7th Grandniece
Christine Nicole "Niki" Dupree 7th Grandniece
Christine True Wiegel 7th Grandniece
Christine Yvonne James 7th Grandniece
Christopher "Chris" Robert Buckley 7th grandnephew
Christopher Anthoyn Kuhn 7th grandnephew
Christopher Ferguson 7th grandnephew
Christopher Mark Wimberly 7th grandnephew
Christopher Michael Mapes 7th grandnephew
Christopher Neal Sanders 7th grandnephew
Christopher Paul Palmer 7th grandnephew
Christy Lynn Hale 7th Grandniece
Christy Michelle Jones 7th Grandniece
Cindy Anne Gahagan 7th Grandniece
Cindy Joe Loftin 7th Grandniece
Clayton Brady "Brady" Sledge 7th grandnephew
Clayton Mark Young 7th grandnephew
Clint Adcock 7th grandnephew
Cole Prothro 7th grandnephew
Colete Marie Lucia 7th Grandniece
Coleton Jogill Davis 7th grandnephew
Collie Britain "Britain" Sledge , III 7th grandnephew
Connie Anne Fair 7th Grandniece
Connie Sue Jones 7th Grandniece
Connor Jackson Skees 7th grandnephew
Constance Denise "Connie" Walker 7th Grandniece
Copelen "Cope" Parker Bradley , III 7th grandnephew
Courney Forrest 7th Grandniece
Crystal Teer 7th Grandniece
Cullen Gaylord Smith 7th grandnephew
Cynthia Alane "Cindy" Smith 7th Grandniece
Cynthia Ann Adkins 7th Grandniece
Cynthia Bernal 7th Grandniece
Cynthia Brown "Cindy" Smith 7th Grandniece
Cynthia Brown "Cindy" Smith 7th Grandniece
Cynthia Claire Hext 7th Grandniece
Cynthia Gale Upshaw 7th Grandniece
Dakota Daniel Fields 7th grandnephew
Dale Bryant McMath 7th grandnephew
Dale Russell Dupree Jr. 7th grandnephew
Dan Alan Hirsch 7th grandnephew
Dane Anthony Villanueva 7th grandnephew
Daniel Blake Wingate 7th grandnephew
Daniel Carl Sprinkle 7th grandnephew
Daniel Ivy Sledge 7th grandnephew
Daniel James Hunter 7th grandnephew
Daniel LaVan Wester 7th grandnephew
Daniel Morgan "Dan" Dupree 7th grandnephew
Daniel Ray Snead 7th grandnephew
Danielle "Elise" Smith 7th Grandniece
Danielle Layne Sanders 7th Grandniece
Danny Pate 7th grandnephew
Daphne Ann Gilcrease 7th Grandniece
Darin Munholland Ellett 7th grandnephew
Darlene Loftin 7th Grandniece
Darlyne Kaye Woodard 7th Grandniece
Darren Michael Debetaz 7th grandnephew
David "Neil" Watts, Jr. Watts, 7th grandnephew
David Alan Vardanega 7th grandnephew
David Carroll Van Buren 7th grandnephew
David Dale Taylor 7th grandnephew
David Earl Parker 7th grandnephew
David Everal Pickett 7th grandnephew
David George Cooper 7th grandnephew
David Hawkins Hunter III 7th grandnephew
David Hunter Hawkins 7th grandnephew
David James Roy 7th grandnephew
David Jonathan Hunter 7th grandnephew
David Laine Morgan 7th grandnephew
David Marshall Ellett 7th grandnephew
David Ryan Jones 7th grandnephew
David Samuel Sprinkle 7th grandnephew
Dawn Renee Guidry 7th Grandniece
DeAnna Marie Thomas 7th Grandniece
DeLaney Brianne "Laney" La Tour 7th Grandniece
Debora Dee Dugan 7th Grandniece
Deborah Ann "Debbie" Rush 7th Grandniece
Deborah Arlene Prudhomme 7th Grandniece
Deborah Booth 7th Grandniece
Debra Aline Nails 7th Grandniece
Debra Lynn Preslar 7th Grandniece
Dennis Alan Harris 7th grandnephew
Dennis Brett Allen 7th grandnephew
Dennis Greg Hargrove 7th grandnephew
Dennis Lane Parker 7th grandnephew
Dennis Oliver Prudhomme 7th grandnephew
Dennis Verne Morgan 7th grandnephew
Derek Martin Snead 7th grandnephew
Desiree Townsend 7th Grandniece
Diana Marie Ellett 7th Grandniece
Dianna James 7th Grandniece
Dianna Lynn Van Tiem 7th Grandniece
Dillon Dean Hunter 7th grandnephew
Donald Joe Lee 7th grandnephew
Donald Leon Neely , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Donald Roy McCart 7th grandnephew
Donna Alexa Womack 7th Grandniece
Donna Denise Hargrove 7th Grandniece
Donna Jane "Janie" Rambin, 7th Grandniece
Donna Jean Morgan 7th Grandniece
Donna Jewel Prudhomme 7th Grandniece
Douglas Raymond Scarborough 7th grandnephew
Douglas Scott Teer 7th grandnephew
Dr. Eric Charles "Eric" Dupree 7th grandnephew
Dr. Jason Ivy "Jason" Dupree 7th grandnephew
Dustin Cody Hooker 7th grandnephew
Dwight Ronald Rasmussen 7th grandnephew
Dylan Quin Van Kam 7th grandnephew
Dylan Thomas Barnes 7th grandnephew
Edmond Buckley "Eddie" Tompkins III 7th grandnephew
Edward Allan Womack 7th grandnephew
Edward Mahlon "Eddie" Woodard , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Elaine Sarah Sigalove 7th Grandniece
Elizabeth A. McCord, 7th Grandniece
Elizabeth Anne Raymond 7th Grandniece
Elizabeth Bailey Dupree 7th Grandniece
Elizabeth D'Lynn Greer 7th Grandniece
Elizabeth Paige "Eliza" Anderson 7th Grandniece
Elora Kathleen Conklin 7th Grandniece
Emily Carol Ryan 7th Grandniece
Emily Catherine "Emily" Sledge 7th Grandniece
Emmett Lee Richardson Jr. 7th grandnephew
Emmett Vaughn Womack Jr. 7th grandnephew
Eric Michael Snead 7th grandnephew
Ethan Cole Anderson 7th grandnephew
Ethan Louis La Tour 7th grandnephew
Eva Elizabeth "Betsy" Bond 7th Grandniece
Everal Wayne "Buddy" Thomas 7th grandnephew
Forrest Mark Flannery 7th grandnephew
Francis Wayne Clinton 7th grandnephew
Frank Mercer Auer 7th grandnephew
Fred Sconyers Gahagan Jr. 7th grandnephew
Gabrielle Grace-Anne Smith 7th Grandniece
Gail Frances Brewton 7th Grandniece
Garrett Struan Flannery 7th grandnephew
Garrett Wilhite 7th grandnephew
George Michael Smith 7th grandnephew
George Terrell Methvin 7th grandnephew
Georgia Kathleen Dupree 7th Grandniece
Gerald Alan Cleveland 7th grandnephew
Gerald Gordon "Gordy" Glaser , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Gerry Brit Robinette 7th grandnephew
Gina Pate 7th Grandniece
Ginger Renee Weems 7th Grandniece
Ginni Marie Kanges 7th Grandniece
Glenn Harvey Bamburg Jr. 7th grandnephew
Glennon Lucinia Bamburg 7th Grandniece
Gloria Ellen Sanderson 7th Grandniece
Gloria Jane "Janie" Teer 7th Grandniece
Gracie Gayle Robinson 7th Grandniece
Grant Bernard Dupree 7th grandnephew
Grant Caston Lindsey 7th grandnephew
Gregory Alan Preslar 7th grandnephew
Gregory Allen James 7th grandnephew
Gregory Charles Goben 7th grandnephew
Gregory Charles Hunter 7th grandnephew
Gregory Colt Dupree 7th grandnephew
Gregory Manning "Greg" Cole 7th grandnephew
Hadassah Ann Townsend 7th Grandniece
Haley Justice House 7th Grandniece
Haley Marie Wester 7th Grandniece
Hannah Adare Nunez, 7th Grandniece
Hannah Christine "Kristi" Hunter 7th Grandniece
Hannah Elizabeth Kendrick 7th Grandniece
Hannah Kate Guillotte 7th Grandniece
Hannah Nicole Dupree 7th Grandniece
Harry Franklin Morgan 7th grandnephew
Harry Paxton Morgan 7th grandnephew
Harry Quitman Gahagan III 7th grandnephew
Hayden Dupree 7th grandnephew
Heather Aileen Leamont 7th Grandniece
Heather Christine "Heather" Forrest 7th Grandniece
Heather Lynn Tompkins 7th Grandniece
Heather Renee Owens 7th Grandniece
Heidi Joy Methvin 7th Grandniece
Henry Cole Gahagan III 7th grandnephew
Holly Anne Luttrell 7th Grandniece
Holly Jo Bonnecaze 7th Grandniece
Hunter Bunch Guidry 7th grandnephew
Ian John Flannery 7th grandnephew
Jaci Claire Dupree 7th Grandniece
Jackie Lynn Sigler 7th Grandniece
Jacob Alexander "Jacob" Dupree 7th grandnephew
Jacob Alexander Dupree 7th grandnephew
Jacob Alexander Salvador "Jake" Chavez 7th grandnephew
Jacob Connor "Jacob" La Tour 7th grandnephew
Jacob Lee Dupree 7th grandnephew
Jacob Taylor Howell 7th grandnephew
Jacquelyn "Jaqi" Lynn Williams 7th Grandniece
Jake Everitt Anderson 7th grandnephew
James "Jamey" Curtis Ainsworth 7th grandnephew
James Adams Fullilove , Jr. 7th grandnephew
James Christopher Brown 7th grandnephew
James Clifton "Bimbo" Thomas 7th grandnephew
James Dean Adams , III 7th grandnephew
James Duane "Jimmy" Coleman 7th grandnephew
James Edward "Jim" Teer , Jr. 7th grandnephew
James Eric Krippendorf 7th grandnephew
James Michael Carrell 7th grandnephew
James Philip Hardy 7th grandnephew
James Terrell Burnley 7th grandnephew
James Walter Snead 7th grandnephew
James William Smith 7th grandnephew
James jeffrey Jones 7th grandnephew
Jamie Alicia Lunt 7th Grandniece
Jamie Gill Turner 7th grandnephew
Jamie Leigh Van Tiem 7th Grandniece
Jamie Lin Sprinkle 7th Grandniece
Jamie Sewell 7th Grandniece
Janice Kay Campbell 7th Grandniece
Jarad Cheyenne Jones 7th grandnephew
Jared "Trey" Beuhler Palmer, III Palmer, 7th grandnephew
Jared James Watson 7th grandnephew
Jason Dupre' Long 7th grandnephew
Jason Paul Debetaz 7th grandnephew
Jason Paul Morgan 7th grandnephew
Jason Ray Snead 7th grandnephew
Jason Travis Amos 7th grandnephew
Jayson Nathanial Dupree Winner 7th grandnephew
Jeffery Jerry Greer 7th grandnephew
Jeffery Leslie Hunter 7th grandnephew
Jeffrey Lake Howard 7th grandnephew
Jeffrey Paul Pumilio 7th grandnephew
Jenni Lynn Dupree 7th Grandniece
Jenniefer Anne Powell 7th Grandniece
Jenniefer Kay Holley 7th Grandniece
Jennifer Cannon Jones 7th Grandniece
Jennifer Catherine Rekas 7th Grandniece
Jennifer Elizabeth Hunter 7th Grandniece
Jennifer Hardy 7th Grandniece
Jennifer Lauren Gunnell 7th Grandniece
Jennifer Lynne Deuth 7th Grandniece
Jennifer Marie Price 7th Grandniece
Jenny Estelle Thomas 7th Grandniece
Jensen Cole Gahagan 7th grandnephew
Jere Lane Henry , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Jeremy Crispen Garlington 7th grandnephew
Jeremy Daniel Key 7th grandnephew
Jeremy Scott Munsterman 7th grandnephew
Jerry Glen Gilcrease 7th grandnephew
Jesse Joel Hunter 7th grandnephew
Jesse McKade Sanford 7th grandnephew
Jesse Randal Sprinkle 7th grandnephew
Jesse Skylar Long 7th grandnephew
Jessica Cheree' Long 7th Grandniece
Jessica Kathleen Lawhonne 7th Grandniece
Jessica Marie Snead 7th Grandniece
Jessie Marie James 7th Grandniece
Jimmy (Snead) Richards 7th grandnephew
Jimmy Adrian Teer 7th grandnephew
Jo Ann Hunter 7th Grandniece
Jo Doyal 7th Grandniece
Jo Olivette "Jolly" Rodes 7th Grandniece
Joanna Leigh Cleveland 7th Grandniece
Joe Errol Loftin , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Joel David Holley III 7th grandnephew
Joel Jeffrey Brown 7th grandnephew
Joey Pickett 7th grandnephew
Johanna Sara "Hanna" Munsterman 7th Grandniece
John Alfred Vardanega 7th grandnephew
John Calvin "Chase" Simpson 7th grandnephew
John Carl Hawkins 7th grandnephew
John Charles "Chuck" Snead Jr. 7th grandnephew
John Charles Hunter 7th grandnephew
John Clifton Hunter , Jr. 7th grandnephew
John David Lee 7th grandnephew
John David Williams 7th grandnephew
John Dustin Teer 7th grandnephew
John Garvis Lewandowski 7th grandnephew
John Lee Wingate 7th grandnephew
John Middleton Cole 7th grandnephew
John Nicholas Zahnen III 7th grandnephew
John Paul Loftin 7th grandnephew
John Richmond Holladay , Jr. 7th grandnephew
John Sledge 7th grandnephew
John Surrey Bamburg 7th grandnephew
John William Palmer 7th grandnephew
John Young Gahagan 7th grandnephew
Johnathon Riley Dupree 7th grandnephew
Jon Darwin Price 7th grandnephew
Jon Lechleidner 7th grandnephew
Jon Ty Hester 7th grandnephew
Jonah Daniel McBride 7th grandnephew
Jonathan Daniel Debetaz 7th grandnephew
Jonathan Daniel Sanford 7th grandnephew
Jonathan Kent Greer 7th grandnephew
Jonathan Kyle Hamilton 7th grandnephew
Jonathan Loret Price 7th grandnephew
Jonathan Mark Hunter 7th grandnephew
Jonathan Matthew Edwards 7th grandnephew
Jonathan Michael "Jonny" Leamont 7th grandnephew
Jonathan Michael Sprinkle 7th grandnephew
Jonathan Traver Dupree 7th grandnephew
Jonathan William Simmons 7th grandnephew
Jonna Claire Smith 7th Grandniece
Jordan Brooks Greer 7th grandnephew
Jordan Marie Dupree 7th Grandniece
Joseph Calvin Jones , II 7th grandnephew
Joseph Snead 7th grandnephew
Joshua "Josh" Bradley 7th grandnephew
Joshua Allen Dupree 7th grandnephew
Joshua David "Josh" Hamilton 7th grandnephew
Joshua Doyle Sprinkle 7th grandnephew
Joshua Dupree Morgan 7th grandnephew
Joshua Mickel "Josh" Norris 7th grandnephew
Joshua Stephen Munsterman 7th grandnephew
Josie Alexis Lewandowski 7th Grandniece
Joushua Baron Barnes 7th grandnephew
Joushua Edward "Joushua" Forrest 7th grandnephew
Joy Elizabeth Rekas 7th Grandniece
Joyce Ann Auer 7th Grandniece
Juanisa Sismundo Snead 7th Grandniece
Judith Catherine Auer 7th Grandniece
Judson McDowell Henry 7th grandnephew
Julie Allison Wilkins 7th Grandniece
Julie Ann Lewandowski 7th Grandniece
Julie Lynn Williams 7th Grandniece
Julie Lynne Hill 7th Grandniece
Julie Renee' Cole 7th Grandniece
Julie Vernelle Rasmussen 7th Grandniece
Justin Glenn Dupree 7th grandnephew
Justin Hunter Cooley 7th grandnephew
Justin Roderick "J.R." Hunter 7th grandnephew
Justin Wayne Dupree 7th grandnephew
Kaci Jo Davis 7th Grandniece
Kalon Dupree Billings 7th Grandniece
Karen Alice Preslar 7th Grandniece
Karen Dru Auer 7th Grandniece
Karen Eileen Lann 7th Grandniece
Karen Elizabeth Jones 7th Grandniece
Karen Ellen Harris 7th Grandniece
Karen Jill Wilkins 7th Grandniece
Karen Lee Vardanega 7th Grandniece
Karen Lynette Greer 7th Grandniece
Karen Melissa Cooper 7th Grandniece
Karen Melvin 7th Grandniece
Karl Francis Van Buren, 7th grandnephew
Kate Ashlynn Dupree 7th Grandniece
Katelyn Dupree 7th Grandniece
Katelyn Elizabeth Clark 7th Grandniece
Katherine Farley Hudson 7th Grandniece
Katherine Lee Whittington 7th Grandniece
Kathleen Diane "Kathy" Taylor 7th Grandniece
Kathryn Gail McMath 7th Grandniece
Kathy Lynn Kennington 7th Grandniece
Kathy Thomas 7th Grandniece
Katie Lynn Morgan 7th Grandniece
Katrina Angela Kuhn 7th Grandniece
Kayla McMillan 7th Grandniece
Kaylee Rene Dupree 7th Grandniece
Kayron Adkins 7th Grandniece
Kaytlyn Danae "Kadi" Fields 7th Grandniece
Keith Andrew Davis 7th grandnephew
Keith Franklin Hilyer 7th grandnephew
Keith Lechleidner 7th grandnephew
Kelli Kristine "Kris" Jones 7th Grandniece
Kelli Lynn Brown 7th Grandniece
Kelly Anne Klein, 7th Grandniece
Kelly Dane Van Tiem 7th grandnephew
Kelly Daniel Jones 7th grandnephew
Kelly Michelle Cooper 7th Grandniece
Kelly Scott Owens 7th grandnephew
Kelsey Dawn Howard 7th Grandniece
Kelsey Elizabeth Howell 7th Grandniece
Kenneth Lane Cannon 7th grandnephew
Kenneth Wright "Buddy" Allen Jr. 7th grandnephew
Kerri Anne Hunter 7th Grandniece
Kerry Burt Robinette 7th grandnephew
Kevin Aubrey Owens 7th grandnephew
Kevin Douglas O'Neal 7th grandnephew
Kevin Lorenz Kyle 7th grandnephew
Kevin Randall Dupree 7th grandnephew
Kevin Ray Robinette 7th grandnephew
Kevin Wayne Cannon 7th grandnephew
Kimberly Anne Walters 7th Grandniece
Kimberly Dawn Cole 7th Grandniece
Kimberly Erin Crow 7th Grandniece
Kristen Cole Gahagan 7th Grandniece
Kristen Marie Bell 7th Grandniece
Kristi Anna Cole 7th Grandniece
Kristi Kay Hood 7th Grandniece
Kristina "Tina" Lynn Borquist 7th Grandniece
Kyle Allen Teer 7th grandnephew
Kyle Jones 7th grandnephew
La Nell "Rusty" Doyal 7th grandnephew
Lance Corey Teer 7th grandnephew
Larie Lyne Harsell 7th Grandniece
Larry Dean "Beau" Debetaz 7th grandnephew
Larry Lemont Price 7th grandnephew
Latasha Christina Snead 7th Grandniece
Laura Amanda Alford 7th Grandniece
Laura Annette Teer 7th Grandniece
Laura Ashby Smith 7th Grandniece
Laura Elizabeth D'Amico 7th Grandniece
Laura Ellen Hunter 7th Grandniece
Laura Jane Lann 7th Grandniece
Laura Juliane "Julie" Snead 7th Grandniece
Laura Kaye Keene 7th Grandniece
Laura Lynn Sanderson 7th Grandniece
Laura Rene Edwards 7th Grandniece
Laura Renee' Holladay 7th Grandniece
Lauren Ashton Sledge 7th Grandniece
Lauren Elizabeth Guillotte 7th Grandniece
Lauren Renee Duke 7th Grandniece
Laurie Lane Luttrell 7th Grandniece
Laurie Suzanne Christian 7th Grandniece
Leah Christine Edwards 7th Grandniece
Lee Anthony Serio 7th grandnephew
Leigh Ann Bell 7th Grandniece
Lem Cagle Jones , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Lesley Ann Boose 7th Grandniece
Leslie Carol Young 7th Grandniece
Leslie Ellen Smith 7th Grandniece
Leslie LeAnn Harsell 7th Grandniece
Leslie McKenna Madden 7th Grandniece
Leslie Michelle Cole 7th Grandniece
Lewis Allison Hunter III 7th grandnephew
Lillian Elizabeth "Lilly" La Tour 7th Grandniece
Linda Annette Snead 7th Grandniece
Linda Charmaine Snead 7th Grandniece
Linda Diane Flenniken 7th Grandniece
Linda Kaye Lee 7th Grandniece
Lindsey Michelle Cleveland 7th Grandniece
Lindsey Nicole Barkley 7th Grandniece
Lindzee Claire Nunez, 7th Grandniece
Lisa Ann Hunter 7th Grandniece
Lisa Anne Edwards 7th Grandniece
Lisa Carol Goben 7th Grandniece
Lisa Charlene Smith 7th Grandniece
Lisa Dollyne James 7th Grandniece
Lisa Gale Scarborough 7th Grandniece
Lisa Karen Van Buren 7th Grandniece
Lloyd Randall Foster 7th grandnephew
Lorena Ellen Sprinkle 7th Grandniece
Lorna Ann Rasmussen 7th Grandniece
Lucie Mika Janusz 7th Grandniece
Lucy Adkins 7th Grandniece
Luke Bryan Ravalais 7th grandnephew
Lynn Alan Serio 7th grandnephew
Madalyn Grace "Maddy" La Tour 7th Grandniece
Madelyn Ann Shurley 7th Grandniece
Madelynn Dupree 7th Grandniece
Madison Paige Dupree 7th Grandniece
Madison Virginia Fontenot 7th Grandniece
Marcie Carolyn O'Neal 7th Grandniece
Marcus Brewer 7th grandnephew
Margaret Louise Snead 7th Grandniece
Margaret Sigalove 7th Grandniece
Maria Angelia Lindsey 7th Grandniece
Mark Anthony Lindsey 7th grandnephew
Mark Christopher Cole 7th grandnephew
Mark David McWiggins 7th grandnephew
Mark Edward Sigler 7th grandnephew
Mark Steven Hand 7th grandnephew
Marshall Evans Whittington 7th grandnephew
Marshall Hunter Cosme 7th grandnephew
Marshall Long Alford 7th grandnephew
Marshall Thomas Hunter 7th grandnephew
Mary Ann Denise Gallimore 7th Grandniece
Mary Brandyn Teer 7th Grandniece
Mary Evelyn Cole 7th Grandniece
Mary Jane Stokes, 7th Grandniece
Mary Jane Young 7th Grandniece
Mary Jeanette McDonald 7th Grandniece
Mary Loftin 7th Grandniece
Mary Margaret "Bitsy" Rekas 7th Grandniece
Mary Sue Kuhn 7th Grandniece
Mary Virginia "Ginnie" Sanders 7th Grandniece
Matthew "Matt" Joseph Leleux 7th grandnephew
Matthew Adkins Boose 7th grandnephew
Matthew Charles "Matt" Pumilio 7th grandnephew
Matthew David Owens 7th grandnephew
Matthew Luke Cosme 7th grandnephew
Matthew Preston Snead 7th grandnephew
Matthew Tyler Cole 7th grandnephew
Matthew William Dupree 7th grandnephew
Max William McWiggins 7th grandnephew
Maximillian "Max" Joseph Castranova 7th grandnephew
Mechell Denise Fair 7th Grandniece
Megan Adkins 7th Grandniece
Megan Elaine Gallagher 7th Grandniece
Megan Marie Lack 7th Grandniece
Melanie Jean Zahnen 7th Grandniece
Melinda Lynette Wingate 7th Grandniece
Melissa Lee Gallimore 7th Grandniece
Melissa Nicole Flannery 7th Grandniece
Melissa Ruth Ivey 7th Grandniece
Melody Elise Williams 7th Grandniece
Meredith Brown 7th Grandniece
Meredith Claire Garlington 7th Grandniece
Merri-Leigh Lann 7th Grandniece
Micah Copeland Seals 7th grandnephew
Micah Elise Billings 7th Grandniece
Michael Anthony Raymond 7th grandnephew
Michael Benton Preslar 7th grandnephew
Michael Bondi 7th grandnephew
Michael Brown Simpson 7th grandnephew
Michael Dean "Mike" Fair 7th grandnephew
Michael Eric Snead 7th grandnephew
Michael Hunter Dry 7th grandnephew
Michael Ivy Dupree 7th grandnephew
Michael Leslie Cates 7th grandnephew
Michael Lynne Pumilio 7th Grandniece
Michael Scott Christian 7th grandnephew
Michael Spencer Madden 7th grandnephew
Michael Thomas Chavez 7th grandnephew
Michael Wayne Rasberry, 7th grandnephew
Michaela Lynn Lucia 7th Grandniece
Miranda Layne Madden 7th Grandniece
Miranda Michelle Hunter 7th Grandniece
Misty Ann Teer 7th Grandniece
Misty Dawn Elfer 7th Grandniece
Misty Ducote 7th Grandniece
Misty Marie Long 7th Grandniece
Mittie Elizabeth Carrell 7th Grandniece
Mitzi Corinne Roy 7th Grandniece
Mollie Hannah McBride 7th Grandniece
Molly Ellen Dupree 7th Grandniece
Molly Voorhies Gahagan 7th Grandniece
Monica Rae Davis 7th Grandniece
Morgan Leslie Parker 7th Grandniece
Nancy Rambin, 7th Grandniece
Natalie Brewer 7th Grandniece
Natalie Marie Hunter 7th Grandniece
Natasha Remell Teer 7th Grandniece
Nathan Eugene Dupree 7th grandnephew
Nathaniel Perry "Nathan" Bass 7th grandnephew
Nicholas Bohanan 7th grandnephew
Nicholas Dupree Norris 7th grandnephew
Nicholas Stephens Pumilio 7th grandnephew
Noel Thomas Jones 7th grandnephew
Odrey Erwin Rasmussen 7th grandnephew
Olidio Sven Cantu 7th grandnephew
Ormand Daniel James , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Oscar Clarence "O.C." Butler III 7th grandnephew
Pamela Kaye Coffey 7th Grandniece
Pamela Teer 7th Grandniece
Patricia Ann Snead 7th Grandniece
Patricia Laine Walsworth 7th Grandniece
Patrick Preslar Hill 7th grandnephew
Patti Jean Hughes 7th Grandniece
Paul Aaron Lindsey 7th grandnephew
Paul Adkins Taylor 7th grandnephew
Paul Gregory Deuth 7th grandnephew
Paul Hunter Rasmussen 7th grandnephew
Paula Jo Dupree 7th Grandniece
Paula Laine Hunter 7th Grandniece
Pauline Gail "Polly" Fulbright 7th Grandniece
Peggy Ann Hunter 7th Grandniece
Peyton Christian McMillon 7th Grandniece
Philip Hogan Hunter 7th grandnephew
Phillip Anthony Cole II 7th grandnephew
Phillip Brandon Long 7th grandnephew
Phillip Doyle Walsworth II 7th grandnephew
Phillip Lee "Lee" Morgan 7th grandnephew
Quinn Anthony Long 7th grandnephew
Rachel Elliott Hull 7th Grandniece
Rachel LeAnne Dupree 7th Grandniece
Rachel Morgan "Rachel" Dupree 7th Grandniece
Rachel Paige Roberts 7th Grandniece
Ralee Ann Stinson 7th Grandniece
Ramona Adkins 7th Grandniece
Ramsey Elizabeth Roberts 7th Grandniece
Randa Rae Dupree 7th Grandniece
Randall Clint Hooker 7th grandnephew
Randall Hagan White 7th grandnephew
Randall Troy Harvill 7th grandnephew
Randall Wade Kennington 7th grandnephew
Randall Wayne Womack 7th grandnephew
Ray Marshall Bruce 7th grandnephew
Rayburin Louis Teer 7th grandnephew
Raymond Bruce Cosme 7th grandnephew
Raymond Earl Conklin 7th grandnephew
Reagan Connell Roberts 7th Grandniece
Reagan James Dupree 7th grandnephew
Rebecca Elizabeth Tomes 7th Grandniece
Rebecca Laine "Rebecca" Sledge 7th Grandniece
Rebecca Laine Dupree 7th Grandniece
Rebecca Suzanne "Suzie" Browne 7th Grandniece
Person not exported due to privacy settings
Rebekah Grace Dupree 7th Grandniece
Renee' Danelle Sprinkle 7th Grandniece
Renette Kay Rawls 7th Grandniece
Rhonda Kay Hunter 7th Grandniece
Rhonda Louise Davis 7th Grandniece
Rhonda Michelle Harvill 7th Grandniece
Richard "Todd" Hudson 7th grandnephew
Richard Carroll McDonald 7th grandnephew
Richard Hunter White 7th grandnephew
Richard Mac "Rick" Breedlove 7th grandnephew
Richard Michael Lindsey Jr. 7th grandnephew
Richard Samuel Browne 7th grandnephew
Ricky Charles Sewell 7th grandnephew
Ricky Doyal 7th grandnephew
Robbie Ann Lindsey 7th Grandniece
Robert "Bobby" Paul Glaser 7th grandnephew
Robert Brian Snead 7th grandnephew
Robert Craig Campbell 7th grandnephew
Robert Daniel Lee 7th grandnephew
Robert Earl James , III 7th grandnephew
Robert Lane Gay 7th grandnephew
Robert Luther Snead 7th grandnephew
Robert Michael Burnley 7th grandnephew
Robert Stratford "Robbie" Martin Jr. 7th grandnephew
Robert Wayne Rawls 7th grandnephew
Robert William Harsell 7th grandnephew
Robert William Kyle 7th grandnephew
Robin Renee Cartwright 7th Grandniece
Robin Roxanne Weems 7th Grandniece
Rodney Doyal 7th grandnephew
Rodney Wayne Snead 7th grandnephew
Roger Joe Breedlove 7th grandnephew
Roger Lane Snead 7th grandnephew
Ronald Buford Rambin 7th grandnephew
Ronald Cecil Jones 7th grandnephew
Ronald Crawford "Ron" Breedlove 7th grandnephew
Ronald Hardy Hand 7th grandnephew
Ronald James Vardanega 7th grandnephew
Ronald Wayne Alford , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Ronald Wayne Creamer 7th grandnephew
Ronnie Davis 7th grandnephew
Ronnie Joe Price 7th grandnephew
Ronnie Lynn Walters , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Ronnie Wayne Tarver 7th grandnephew
Rory Doyal 7th grandnephew
Rowena Ruth Hardaway 7th Grandniece
Russell Durwood "Rusty" Nails 7th grandnephew
Russell E. Gahagan III 7th grandnephew
Russell Ernest Bamburg 7th grandnephew
Russell Paul "Rusty" White 7th grandnephew
Rusty Barker "Rusty" Cartwright 7th grandnephew
Ruth Ann Krippendorf 7th Grandniece
Ryan Christopher Gunnell 7th grandnephew
Sadie Autumn Weems 7th Grandniece
Sally Ann Price 7th Grandniece
Samantha Layne Dupree 7th Grandniece
Samuel David Tomes 7th grandnephew
Samuel Paul Bebeau , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Samuel Wayne Anderson 7th grandnephew
Sandra Jean Hunter 7th Grandniece
Sara Ellen "Ellie" Dupree 7th Grandniece
Sara Leigh Milner 7th Grandniece
Sarah Elizabeth Dupree 7th Grandniece
Sarah Elizabeth Holley 7th Grandniece
Sarah Kristin Tower 7th Grandniece
Sarah Sledge 7th Grandniece
Sasha Danette Teer 7th Grandniece
Savannah Grace Lack 7th Grandniece
Savannah Leigh Cantu 7th Grandniece
Scarlett Lynn Parker 7th Grandniece
Scott Campbell "Camp" Sledge 7th grandnephew
Scott David Dugas 7th grandnephew
Scott Michael Ryan 7th grandnephew
Scott Samuel Greer 7th grandnephew
Seth Allen Dupree 7th grandnephew
Seth Dylan Cantu 7th grandnephew
Sharon Beth Flenniken 7th Grandniece
Sharon Davis 7th Grandniece
Sharon Dianne Pettigrew 7th Grandniece
Sharon Elizabeth Rasberry, 7th Grandniece
Sharon Frances Sigler 7th Grandniece
Shaun Matthew Van Kam 7th grandnephew
Shawn Eugene Owens 7th grandnephew
Shelby Forrest Hull 7th Grandniece
Shelton Shields Sykes 7th grandnephew
Shelton Talmadge Parker , III 7th grandnephew
Sherry Lynn White 7th Grandniece
Shirley Adele Glaser 7th Grandniece
Shirley Elise Teer 7th Grandniece
Sosha Williams 7th Grandniece
Stacey Dwayne Snead 7th grandnephew
Stanley Malone Brown , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Stephanie Ann Hawkins 7th Grandniece
Stephanie Leann Dupree 7th Grandniece
Stephanie Lynn Scarborough 7th Grandniece
Stephen Allen Hilyer 7th grandnephew
Stephen Christian Fullilove 7th grandnephew
Stephen David Rawls 7th grandnephew
Stephen Eric Smith 7th grandnephew
Stephen Joseph Morgan 7th grandnephew
Stephen Luke Long 7th grandnephew
Steven Ashley "Steve" Smith 7th grandnephew
Steven Ashley Smith 7th grandnephew
Steven Laine Fair 7th grandnephew
Steven Pauls 7th grandnephew
Steven Ray Scarborough 7th grandnephew
Stewart Gutierrez Hunter 7th grandnephew
Sunday Christine Hurdle 7th Grandniece
Susan Elizabeth Hunter 7th Grandniece
Susan Lucille Henry 7th Grandniece
Susan Lyn Williams 7th Grandniece
Susan Marie Jones 7th Grandniece
Susan Renee' Holladay 7th Grandniece
Susan Wynette Woodard 7th Grandniece
Susannah Lynn Dorrance 7th Grandniece
Susanne Adele Teer 7th Grandniece
Susie Kay Vercher 7th Grandniece
Suzanne Adkins 7th Grandniece
Sydney Michelle McMillon 7th Grandniece
Syllvia Jean Parker 7th Grandniece
Tamara Teer 7th Grandniece
Tami Terrell Methvin 7th Grandniece
Tana Lynne Hood 7th Grandniece
Tanya Michele Greer 7th Grandniece
Tanya Sue Carrell 7th Grandniece
Tara Marie Gahagan 7th Grandniece
Tara Watson 7th Grandniece
Taylor Britt Berlin 7th Grandniece
Taylor Landon Long 7th grandnephew
Taylor Marklin "Taylor" Sledge , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Taylor Paige Sprinkle 7th Grandniece
Ted Daniel Greer 7th grandnephew
Teddy Loftin 7th grandnephew
Terrill Lynn Flenniken 7th grandnephew
Terry Lynn Hunter 7th Grandniece
Therman Delane "Trey" Sewell , III 7th grandnephew
Thomas Morgan Aldredge 7th grandnephew
Thyra Nichole Hunter 7th Grandniece
Tiffany Raquel Davis 7th Grandniece
Timothy Carroll Lindsey 7th grandnephew
Timothy James Brewton 7th grandnephew
Timothy Jason Harvill 7th grandnephew
Timothy Sheldon Griffin 7th grandnephew
Tina James 7th Grandniece
Todd Benjamin "Todd" Dupree 7th grandnephew
Todd Godwin Cole II 7th grandnephew
Tommy David Greer 7th grandnephew
Toni Gayle Hughes 7th Grandniece
Tony Lane Greer 7th grandnephew
Tonya Kay Adams 7th Grandniece
Tracy Elizabeth Snead 7th Grandniece
Travis McNabb "Travis" Sledge 7th grandnephew
Trey Allen Morgan 7th grandnephew
Truett Dodd Brown 7th grandnephew
Turner Jackson "Jack" Lann 7th grandnephew
Turner Stephens "Trey" Jones , III 7th grandnephew
Tyler Edward Anderson 7th grandnephew
Tyler Glen Jones 7th grandnephew
Tyler Johnson, 7th grandnephew
Unknown Norris 7th grandnephew
Valerie Ann Hunter 7th Grandniece
Verna Charlotte Upshaw 7th Grandniece
Vernon Cleveland Morgan , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Veronica Kay "Ronnie" Coleman 7th Grandniece
Victor Kramer Gahagan 7th grandnephew
Victoria Taylor Payne 7th Grandniece
Walter Adam Sterling Hanson 7th grandnephew
Wendy Ducote 7th Grandniece
Wendy Lee Luttrell 7th Grandniece
Wendy Renee Dugan 7th Grandniece
Wesley Lamar Cates , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Whitney Leigh "Whitney" Forrest 7th Grandniece
Wiley Charles "Chuck" Cole II 7th grandnephew
Wiley Edwin "Eddie" Hunter , Jr. 7th grandnephew
Wiley Freeman Butler 7th grandnephew
Willaim Clifton "W.C." or "Dub" Hardaway 7th grandnephew
Willaim Francis Kuhn Jr. 7th grandnephew
William "Jack" Bell , Jr. 7th grandnephew
William "Will" Michael McCabe 7th grandnephew
William Benjamin Almond 7th grandnephew
William Benton Tower 7th grandnephew
William Brian Rawls 7th grandnephew
William Carter "Bill" Hall 7th grandnephew
William Clyde "Bill" Fulbright IV 7th grandnephew
William Cory Hooker 7th grandnephew
William Gene Key , Jr. 7th grandnephew
William Leslie Hunter III 7th grandnephew
William Leslie Hunter IV 7th grandnephew
William Marshall Ivey 7th grandnephew
William Michael Aldredge 7th grandnephew
William Montgomery "Mont" Rodes Jr. 7th grandnephew
William Orie Hunter IV 7th grandnephew
William Oscar James , Jr. 7th grandnephew
William Robert "Bobby" McCart 7th grandnephew
William Rodney Wimberly , Jr. 7th grandnephew
William Shane Stephens 7th grandnephew
William Tanner Berlin 7th grandnephew
William Wiley Gahagan Jr. 7th grandnephew
Willie Diane Knight 7th Grandniece
Winfred Tremmell "Winn" Almond , III 7th grandnephew
Winston Brewer 7th grandnephew
York Earl "Yorkie" Sheppard 7th grandnephew
Zachary Adam Marshall 7th grandnephew
Zachary Alexander "Zach" Long 7th grandnephew
Zachary Daniel La Tour 7th grandnephew
Zachary Jessup Anderson 7th grandnephew
Zak Brewer 7th grandnephew
Steven Charles "Charlie" Grossman 7th grandnephew San Francisco, CA 16 Jan 1902
Wiley Gahagan White , Jr. 7th grandnephew 12 Dec 1944 12 Dec 1944
Andrew Harold Foster 7th grandnephew Natchitoches Parish, LA 26 Apr 1946 Ashland, LA 15 Oct 1965
Jeanie Marie Auer 7th Grandniece Chiago, IL 2 Jul 1947 Idaho Falls, ID 5 Jan 1992
Glenda Gail Gilcrease 7th Grandniece Cotton Valley, LA 13 May 1950 14 May 1950
Willaim Charles "Willie" Teer 7th grandnephew Baton Rouge, LA 2 Nov 1950 Idaho Falls, ID 29 Apr 1976
Janie marquita Gilcrease 7th Grandniece Opelousas, LA 21 Feb 1953 New Orleans, LA 27 Mar 1960
Joe Eligha McDonald Jr. 7th grandnephew Shreveport, LA 20 Sep 1955 Columbus, Franklin Co., OH 25 Jun 1995
Christi Ann Hughes 7th Grandniece Natchitoches, LA 31 Aug 1956 Natchitoches, LA 11 Nov 1956
Michael Mark Gahagan 7th grandnephew Kaplan, LA 19 Nov 1957 Mandeville, LA 18 Jun 1993
Lori Elizabeth Serio 7th Grandniece New Roads, LA 15 Jan 1958 Baton Rouge, LA 28 Dec 2001
Jerry Lee Krc 7th grandnephew 13 May 1958 1 Jul 1975
William Aaron "Sonny" McDonald 7th grandnephew Shreveport, LA 23 Aug 1959 Shreveport, LA 29 Mar 1965
Thomas "Tom" Brewton 7th grandnephew Dallas, TX 12 Dec 1959 Dallas, TX 4 Jun 1975
Davey Lee Hughes , Jr. 7th grandnephew Shreveport, LA 18 Jan 1961 Little Rock, AR 13 Jun 2001
John Thomas "Johnny" Jones 7th grandnephew Natchitoches, LA 16 Dec 1962 1 Jun 2004
Geoffrey Glenn Wilkins 7th grandnephew 18 Jun 1963 25 Jan 1965
Milton Vance "Van" Linder , Jr. 7th grandnephew Delhi, LA 17 Oct 1963 Delhi, LA 6 May 1982
Margaret Chennaye Greer 7th Grandniece Shreveport, LA 8 Dec 1963 Nashville, TN 17 Dec 2001
Shane Paul Guidry 7th grandnephew Raceland, LA 17 Nov 1964 Raceland, LA 21 Nov 1964
Karen Kaye Klein,
Elizabeth Ann Kuhn 7th Grandniece Muenchweiler, Germany 26 Oct 1966 Landstuhl, Germany 26 Jun 1968
Neal Pickett 7th grandnephew Shreveport, LA 27 Oct 1967 22 Jul 2005
Julia Margaret Preslar 7th Grandniece Baton Rouge, LA 2 Sep 1969 Baton Rouge, LA 24 Jul 1987
Adam Christopher Daivs 7th grandnephew Houston, TX 21 Apr 1976 Austin, TX 16 Dec 2001
Michael Shane Hunter 7th grandnephew Rusk County, Texas 17 May 1976 22 Jun 1997
Martha Ann Mitchell 7th Grandniece 5 Aug 1976 23 Dec 1977
Kristy Leigh Allen 7th Grandniece Shreveport, LA 23 Mar 1978 Shreveport, LA 11 Jun 1997
Wendi Elizabeth Long 7th Grandniece 4 Feb 1980 14 Apr 2001
John Mark Strickland 7th grandnephew Monroe, LA 14 Nov 1983 West Monroe, LA 26 Jan 1984
Cooper Daniel Houtz
Emerson Ivy Richards
8th grandnephews & 8th grandnieces
"Austin" Edward Parker 8th grandnephew
"Blake" Aaron Vinson 8th grandnephew
"Cameron" Lynn Williams 8th grandnephew
"Chad" Michael Sheppard 8th grandnephew
"Colton" Earl Williams 8th grandnephew
"Jesse" Michael-Glen Vinson 8th grandnephew
"Kelly" Kristina Williams 8th Grandniece
"Taylor" Anne Sheppard 8th Grandniece
Aaron Charles Goben 8th grandnephew
Aaron Christopher Manuel 8th grandnephew
Abby Claire Hillman 8th Grandniece
Abigail Grace Morris 8th Grandniece
Abigail Victoria Nails 8th Grandniece
Abram Joseph Covington 8th grandnephew
Adam Nathan Smith 8th grandnephew
Adam Paul Rasmussen 8th grandnephew
Adam Teer Goben 8th grandnephew
Alan Roemer Snead 8th grandnephew
Alana Arnold 8th Grandniece
Alexandra Hanson Cole 8th Grandniece
Alexis Dakota Price 8th Grandniece
Alexis Nicole Stanley 8th Grandniece
Alexis Renee Crow 8th grandnephew
Alicia Jane Walsworth 8th Grandniece
Allison Brooke Glenn 8th Grandniece
Allison Windsor Lechleidner 8th Grandniece
Allye Ryan Covington 8th Grandniece
Amanda Allen 8th Grandniece
Amber Lynn Woodard 8th Grandniece
Amie Lu Vercher 8th Grandniece
Amy Michelle Hawkins 8th Grandniece
Andrea Jean Tencer 8th Grandniece
Andrew Drake Sparks 8th grandnephew
Andrew Fausto Vardanega 8th grandnephew
Andrew Gerard Corder 8th grandnephew
Andrew Ryan 8th grandnephew
Angela Denise Hawkins 8th Grandniece
Angela Marie Walker 8th Grandniece
Angela Sabrine Key 8th Grandniece
Angela Shannon Teer 8th Grandniece
Anika Nicole Adams 8th Grandniece
Anna Claire Hunter 8th Grandniece
Anna Kate Haman 8th Grandniece
Anna Katherine Teer 8th Grandniece
Annamarie Signe Tencer 8th Grandniece
Annie Marie Gahagan 8th Grandniece
Anthony J. Custer 8th grandnephew
April Diane Thompson 8th Grandniece
April Leigh Wimberly 8th Grandniece
Arden Adolph "A.J." Warm , Jr. 8th grandnephew
Arianna Alexis Nieves 8th Grandniece
Ashley Erin Rivers 8th Grandniece
Ashley Lyn Boose 8th Grandniece
Ashley Marie Hale 8th Grandniece
Ashley Marie Morgan 8th Grandniece
Ashley Michelle Smith 8th Grandniece
Ashley Nichole Lechleidner 8th Grandniece
Ashley Nicole O'Neill 8th Grandniece
Ashley Powers 8th Grandniece
Ashley Renee Hawkins 8th Grandniece
Aston Marie Nations 8th Grandniece
Aubrey "Claire" Williams 8th Grandniece
Austin Conner Snead 8th grandnephew
Austin Drake Harvill 8th grandnephew
Austin Henry Hill 8th grandnephew
Austin Hunter Devers 8th grandnephew
Austin Michael Aucoin 8th grandnephew
Avery Claire Covington 8th Grandniece
Avery Lea Parker 8th Grandniece
Avery Ruth Wooden 8th Grandniece
Bailey Elizabeth McMath 8th Grandniece
Bailey Noel Methvin 8th Grandniece
Barbara Susanne Wimberly 8th Grandniece
Baylea Huffman 8th Grandniece
Beau Parker Hunter 8th grandnephew
Benjamin Anderson Hill 8th grandnephew
Benjamin Christian Tower 8th grandnephew
Benjamin Oswald Jones , V 8th grandnephew
Benjamin Trent Brown 8th grandnephew
Betsy Jo Breedlove 8th Grandniece
Blaire Anne Fonseca 8th Grandniece
Blake Matthew Fonseca 8th grandnephew
Blake ellen Young 8th Grandniece
Braden Jones 8th grandnephew
Braden Travis Andrews 8th grandnephew
Bradley "Brad" Cheston Williams 8th grandnephew
Brady Gordon Glaser 8th grandnephew
Brandi Marie Keith 8th Grandniece
Brandon Collin Greer 8th grandnephew
Brandy Russell Nails 8th grandnephew
Brayden Jacob Walker 8th grandnephew
Brenna Elizabeth Criswell 8th Grandniece
Brett Daniel Thomas 8th grandnephew
Brian Cyril Teer 8th grandnephew
Brian Daniel Burnley 8th grandnephew
Brian Robert Cargle 8th grandnephew
Bridget Marie Heavner 8th Grandniece
Britney Leigh Glaser 8th Grandniece
Brittany Blanchard 8th Grandniece
Brittany Kay Barnes 8th Grandniece
Brittany Nicole Sewell 8th Grandniece
Brittney Lee Methvin 8th Grandniece
Britton Hunter Robinette 8th grandnephew
Brittony Taylor Cole 8th Grandniece
Brooke Ainslee Wooden 8th Grandniece
Brooke Humphries 8th Grandniece
Brooke Madison Neal 8th Grandniece
Brooklyn Grace Methvin 8th Grandniece
Bruce "Chance" Cartwright IV 8th grandnephew
Bruce Gilcrease 8th grandnephew
Bryan Adam Toler 8th grandnephew
Bryan Clinton Lee 8th grandnephew
Bryan Edward Robinette 8th grandnephew
Brynner Lee Bonnette, 8th grandnephew
Cade Adam Davis 8th grandnephew
Cade Lorenz Kyle 8th grandnephew
Cade Wesley Teer 8th grandnephew
Caden Alice Brashers 8th Grandniece
Caitlinn Jayde Zavala 8th Grandniece
Calder Martin Kancianic 8th grandnephew
Cale Baker 8th grandnephew
Caleb Brian Morgan 8th grandnephew
Caleb Chance McWiggins 8th grandnephew
Caleb John Smith-Shaw 8th grandnephew
Caleb Michael Debetaz 8th grandnephew
Caleb Michael Ryan 8th grandnephew
Caleb Wade Thurlkill 8th grandnephew
Caled Paul Hughes 8th grandnephew
Callie Christine Hughey 8th Grandniece
Cameron Mitchell Crow 8th grandnephew
Cameron Robert Kyle 8th grandnephew
Cammeron Lea "Cammie" Rogers 8th Grandniece
Campbell Fulton Gillis 8th grandnephew
Candace Nicole Pickett 8th Grandniece
Carl Jones "C.J." Gatti , III 8th grandnephew
Carla Cecile Gatti, 8th Grandniece
Carley Elisabeth Bonnette, 8th Grandniece
Carley Rae Gillis 8th Grandniece
Carli Suzanne Forrest 8th Grandniece
Carlotta Jo Rasmussen 8th Grandniece
Carmon Eileen Thurlkill 8th Grandniece
Caroline Ashley Cristler 8th Grandniece
Caroline Elizabeth Simpson 8th Grandniece
Caroline Hannah Wilkerson 8th Grandniece
Carrie Jewel Prudhomme 8th Grandniece
Carrow Alison Rasberry, 8th Grandniece
Casey Jon Rawls 8th grandnephew
Casey Ryan Cavaness 8th grandnephew
Cassie Breann McLaren 8th Grandniece
Cassie Breeland Snead 8th Grandniece
Catherine Case Liggin 8th Grandniece
Catherine Dru Woodham, 8th Grandniece
Catherine Elizabeth "Katie" Hughey 8th Grandniece
Catherine Joy White 8th Grandniece
Catherine Olivia Kyle 8th Grandniece
Catherine Therese Corder 8th Grandniece
Cayden Thomas Long 8th grandnephew
Caylin Michelle Debetaz 8th Grandniece
Cecelia Maria Smith 8th Grandniece
Celeste Joy Rasmussen 8th Grandniece
Chad Lee Foster 8th grandnephew
Chance Doyal 8th grandnephew
Charles Brian Walker 8th grandnephew
Charles Britian "Charlie" Dupree 8th grandnephew
Charles Coleman Rush III 8th grandnephew
Charles Edward Van Buren 8th grandnephew
Charles Norton Gahagan 8th grandnephew
Charli Darlene Smith 8th Grandniece
Charlotte Chlotielde Rasmussen 8th Grandniece
Charlsie Marie Milner 8th Grandniece
Chelsea Humphries 8th Grandniece
Cheree Destiny DeLaune 8th Grandniece
Cheyenne Lane Mcintyre 8th Grandniece
Chloe Beth Hillman 8th Grandniece
Chotielde Vernelle Bechtel 8th Grandniece
Christina Angela Ogburn 8th Grandniece
Christina Nicole Van Buren 8th Grandniece
Christina Snead 8th Grandniece
Christine Elizabeth Jones 8th Grandniece
Christine Elizabeth Taylor 8th Grandniece
Christopher Adam Sander 8th grandnephew
Christopher Anthony Kuhn Jr. 8th grandnephew
Christopher David Rawls 8th grandnephew
Christopher Eric Single 8th grandnephew
Christopher Hunter 8th grandnephew
Christopher Lane Snead 8th grandnephew
Christopher Owens 8th grandnephew
Christopher Shane Hodge 8th grandnephew
Claire Elise Criswell 8th Grandniece
Claire Louise Drabwell 8th Grandniece
Claire Michelle Kyle 8th Grandniece
Clalyton Sinclair (Leamont) Berberet 8th grandnephew
Clay David Morris , Jr. 8th grandnephew
Codie Rachel Walker 8th Grandniece
Cody Dwayne Snead 8th grandnephew
Cody Frazier Cates 8th grandnephew
Collin Henry Kyle 8th grandnephew
Colt Dwayne Rasmussen 8th grandnephew
Colton William Coffey 8th grandnephew
Colton William Kyle 8th grandnephew
Connor Lawrence Cosme 8th grandnephew
Cordell Walker Warm 8th grandnephew
Corey Dean Karr 8th grandnephew
Corey Evan Smith-Shaw 8th grandnephew
Courtney Blaire Glaser 8th Grandniece
Courtney Danielle Crawford 8th Grandniece
Courtney Jane Hunter 8th Grandniece
Courtney Joe Longino 8th grandnephew
Crystal Arlene Prudhomme 8th Grandniece
Daizha Lorraine Kuhn 8th Grandniece
Dale Keith 8th grandnephew
Dalton Herbert 8th grandnephew
Damon Lyn Morgan 8th grandnephew
Daniel Aaron Baldwin 8th grandnephew
Daniel Dale Taylor 8th grandnephew
Daniel James McWiggins 8th grandnephew
Daniel Pace 8th grandnephew
Daniel Paul Kopcso 8th grandnephew
Daniel Roy Darnell 8th grandnephew
Danielle Marie Jones 8th Grandniece
Danton Blayne Wright 8th grandnephew
Darrell Gene Rivers Jr. 8th grandnephew
David "Austin" Haman 8th grandnephew
David Alexander Fee III 8th grandnephew
David Andrew "Andy" Spillers 8th grandnephew
David Byron Thompson , II 8th grandnephew
David Carroll 8th grandnephew
David Royce "Roy" Pickett 8th grandnephew
Demarcus Jermaine Kuhn 8th Grandniece
Denisa Marie McDonald 8th Grandniece
Denita LeSha Prudhomme 8th Grandniece
Derick Lin Click 8th grandnephew
Derrick Blanchard 8th grandnephew
Desiree Richards 8th Grandniece
Destiny Cheyenne Jones 8th Grandniece
Devin Skyler Greer 8th grandnephew
Devin Taylor Herbert 8th grandnephew
Dianna Jean Cartwright 8th Grandniece
Dillon Dean Hunter 8th grandnephew
Dixon Cade Lasseigne 8th grandnephew
Donald Lewis Walker , Jr. 8th grandnephew
Donald Spriggle 8th grandnephew
Dustie Jo "D.J." Rambin 8th Grandniece
Dylan Hunter Owens 8th grandnephew
Dylan Michael Barbo 8th grandnephew
Dylan Trace Harvill 8th grandnephew
Efrin Jacob Montoya 8th grandnephew
Eion Samuel (Leamont) Stowell 8th grandnephew
Elana Jo Hunter 8th Grandniece
Elijah Winn "Eli" Nealy 8th grandnephew
Elizabeth Ann Wilkerson 8th Grandniece
Elizabeth Ashley Teer 8th Grandniece
Elizabeth Claire Corder 8th Grandniece
Elizabeth Grace White 8th Grandniece
Elizabeth Nichole James 8th Grandniece
Ella Claire Nunez 8th Grandniece
Ellea Lynn Rush 8th Grandniece
Ellen Elizabeth Flenniken 8th Grandniece
Emerson Saylor Snead 8th grandnephew
Emily Beth Browne 8th Grandniece
Emily Brooke McLaren 8th Grandniece
Emily Christine Cole 8th Grandniece
Emily Elizabeth Buckmaster 8th Grandniece
Emily Elizabeth Deaver 8th Grandniece
Emily Elizabeth Reeder 8th Grandniece
Emily Joyce Hunter 8th Grandniece
Emily Magan Robinette 8th Grandniece
Emma Kaden Jones 8th Grandniece
Emmett Vaughn "Trey" Womack 8th grandnephew
Erica Coleen Key 8th Grandniece
Erica Lea Morgan 8th Grandniece
Person not exported due to privacy settings
Erynn Leigh Jones 8th Grandniece
Ethan William Neal 8th grandnephew
Etienne Raysen Rush 8th Grandniece
Eva Claire Cartwright 8th Grandniece
Evan Clayton Preslar 8th grandnephew
Evangeline Grace Wilkerson 8th Grandniece
Francesca Dilellio 8th Grandniece
Friend Christian Bechtel 8th grandnephew
Gabrielle "Gabby" Debetaz 8th grandnephew
Gabrielle Kathleen Thompson 8th Grandniece
Garret Matthew Neal 8th grandnephew
Garrett Joseph Kopcso 8th grandnephew
Gary Thomas Brewton 8th grandnephew
Gentry Cristine McMath 8th Grandniece
Geoffrey Todd Browning 8th grandnephew
George Andrew Murphy III 8th grandnephew
Georgia Cooper Bond 8th Grandniece
Gilliam Aaron Woodham, 8th grandnephew
Ginger Frances Auer 8th Grandniece
Grace Ann Bradley 8th Grandniece
Grace Jeanne' Morgan 8th Grandniece
Gracie Lou Anne Vinson 8th Grandniece
Grant Bernard Dupree 8th grandnephew
Grant Harris Outram 8th grandnephew
Grant Robinson Williams 8th grandnephew
Grayson Alexander Hodges 8th grandnephew
Greg Anthony Morris 8th grandnephew
Gregory "Greg" Burnley 8th grandnephew
Gregory Allen James , Jr. 8th grandnephew
Gregory Colt Dupree 8th grandnephew
Gregory Michael "Mike" Toler 8th grandnephew
Gretchen Dian Auer 8th Grandniece
Haley Elizatbeth Nola 8th Grandniece
Haley Jean Stuhr 8th Grandniece
Hali Nicole Palmer 8th Grandniece
Hanna Leigh Teer 8th Grandniece
Hannah Elizabeth Spillers 8th Grandniece
Hannah Grace Mitchell, 8th Grandniece
Hannah Nicole Dupree 8th Grandniece
Harley Clint O'Neill 8th grandnephew
Harley Layne Sanders 8th grandnephew
Harry Paxton Morgan 8th grandnephew
Heather Angelique "Angel" Davis 8th Grandniece
Heather James Powers 8th Grandniece
Heather Leigh Fair 8th Grandniece
Heather Marie Brown 8th Grandniece
Heather Nicole Teer 8th Grandniece
Hogan Lee Campbell 8th grandnephew
Hunter Cole Teer 8th grandnephew
Hunter Dwayne Bechtel 8th grandnephew
Hunter Wyatt Mitchell, 8th grandnephew
Irelyn Bresniham-Fulbright 8th Grandniece
Isaac McKinley Glaser 8th grandnephew
Isabel Jane Fee 8th Grandniece
Jaci Claire Dupree 8th Grandniece
Jackson Bryce Greemon 8th grandnephew
Jacob Bridges Gunnels 8th grandnephew
Jacob Daniel Palmer 8th grandnephew
Jacob David Van Buren, 8th grandnephew
Jacob Nathan Messenger 8th grandnephew
Jacob Patrick Kirvin 8th grandnephew
Jacob Robles 8th grandnephew
Jacob Ryan Cristler 8th grandnephew
Jacob Stone Longino 8th grandnephew
Jacob Thomas Glenn 8th grandnephew
Jacob Thomas Nola 8th grandnephew
Jada Grace Morgan 8th Grandniece
Jai Sharra Lianne Kirvin 8th Grandniece
Jake Tyler Jones 8th grandnephew
James Adkins Taylor 8th grandnephew
James Cliffton Snead 8th grandnephew
James Cooper Halphen 8th grandnephew
James Daniel Snead 8th grandnephew
James Dean Adams , IV 8th grandnephew
James Edward "Jamie" Woodard 8th grandnephew
James Michael Fair 8th grandnephew
James William Heurtin 8th grandnephew
Jamie Lane Stanley 8th Grandniece
Jamie Lynn Lee 8th Grandniece
Jana Michelle Rambin 8th Grandniece
Janet Allen 8th Grandniece
Jared Charles Outram 8th grandnephew
Jared Dustin Lee 8th grandnephew
Jared Lee Manuel 8th grandnephew
Jarod Travis Kirvin 8th grandnephew
Jason Luke Morgan 8th grandnephew
Jason Manning Walker 8th grandnephew
Jason Matthew Teer 8th grandnephew
Jason Oliver Prudhomme 8th grandnephew
Jason Paul Morgan 8th grandnephew
Jason Paul Van Buren 8th grandnephew
Jay Samuel Williams 8th grandnephew
Jaydon Lance Rogers 8th grandnephew
Jeannie yvonne Breedlove 8th Grandniece
Jeffery Lane Hunter 8th grandnephew
Jenna Lee Lechleidner 8th Grandniece
Jenny Lynn Pickett 8th Grandniece
Jerald Michael Jones 8th grandnephew
Jeremiah Nicholas Cosme 8th grandnephew
Jeremy Allen 8th grandnephew
Jeremy Daniel Key 8th grandnephew
Jeremy Joseph "Joey" Lee 8th grandnephew
Jeremy Shawn Rogers 8th grandnephew
Jesse Joel Hunter 8th grandnephew
Jesse james Teer 8th grandnephew
Jessica Colin Sterling 8th Grandniece
Jessica Hope Lee 8th Grandniece
Jessica Lauren Rogers 8th Grandniece
Jessica Lee Morgan 8th Grandniece
Jessica Suzanne Thomas 8th Grandniece
Jill Doyal 8th Grandniece
Joel Jeffery Brown Jr. 8th grandnephew
John Blake Tolentino 8th grandnephew
John David Cameron 8th grandnephew
John Edward Scaife 8th grandnephew
John Matthew "Matt" Thomas 8th grandnephew
John Michael Cristler , IV 8th grandnephew
John Paul Rivers 8th grandnephew
John Richmond Holladay , III 8th grandnephew
John Thomas Jones Jr. 8th grandnephew
John Thomas Williams 8th grandnephew
John Wesley "Johnny" Walker 8th grandnephew
Johnathan Edward Perez 8th grandnephew
Jolene Marie Browne 8th Grandniece
Jonah David Knight 8th grandnephew
Jonathan Bryce Rudolph 8th grandnephew
Jonathan Daniel Cosme 8th grandnephew
Jonathan Edward Young 8th grandnephew
Jonathan Louis Teer 8th grandnephew
Jonathan Malachi Sewell 8th grandnephew
Jonathan Wade Harvey 8th grandnephew
Jordan Alexander Hunter 8th grandnephew
Joseph Cade "Joe" Cartwright 8th grandnephew
Joseph Dakota Hunter 8th grandnephew
Joseph Gabriel Hughes 8th grandnephew
Joseph Michael Pagni 8th grandnephew
Joshelyn Leilanni Barrett 8th Grandniece
Joshua Blake Albin 8th grandnephew
Joshua Cosme 8th grandnephew
Joshua Garrett Sparks 8th grandnephew
Joshua Lee Serio 8th grandnephew
Joshua Phillips 8th grandnephew
Joshua Shane Lee 8th grandnephew
Joy Marie Jones 8th Grandniece
Jude Anthony Serio 8th grandnephew
Julia Abbegale Coffey 8th Grandniece
Julia Cole Rambin 8th Grandniece
Julia Elizabeth Harvey 8th Grandniece
Juliana Leigh Garza 8th Grandniece
Julianna Angeli Cartwright 8th Grandniece
Justin Ray Young 8th grandnephew
Justin Richard Benedito 8th grandnephew
Kade Allen Brandon 8th grandnephew
Kaeli Elizabeth Darnell 8th Grandniece
Kaila Ashley Kuhn 8th Grandniece
Kaitlyn Carol Rudolph 8th Grandniece
Kaitlyn Lorene Snead 8th Grandniece
Kaitlyn Nicole Williams 8th Grandniece
Kaitlyn Renee Doyal 8th Grandniece
Kaleb Patrick Duck 8th grandnephew
Kasadi Riley Adams 8th Grandniece
Kassie Ann Cole 8th Grandniece
Kate Ashlynn Dupree 8th Grandniece
Katelyn Lucille Serio 8th Grandniece
Katelyn Reed Hilyer 8th Grandniece
Kathryn Elizabeth "Katie" Gunnels 8th Grandniece
Katy Mathews 8th Grandniece
Kayla Dianne Uzzle 8th Grandniece
Kayla Marshell Cosme 8th Grandniece
Kayleigh Paige Jones 8th Grandniece
Kaylie Dupree 8th Grandniece
Keegan Riley Schell 8th Grandniece
Kelley Jane Morgan 8th Grandniece
Kelli Renee Thomas 8th Grandniece
Kelly Raye Browne 8th Grandniece
Kelsey Joy Outram 8th Grandniece
Kendall Laine Kyle 8th Grandniece
Kendall Leigh Bonnette, 8th Grandniece
Kendrick Roy 8th grandnephew
Kennedy Nell Turner 8th Grandniece
Kenneth Leon Newhouse , Jr. 8th grandnephew
Kerrri Alyn Womack 8th Grandniece
Kierstyn Elizabeth Krippendorf 8th Grandniece
Kiley Amber Owens 8th Grandniece
Kiley Jo Brandon 8th Grandniece
Kimberly Adele Pope 8th Grandniece
Kimberly Ann Cheesman 8th Grandniece
Kimberly Anne Sander 8th Grandniece
Kimberly Dawn Roller 8th Grandniece
Kimberly Shirley (Leamont) Berberet 8th Grandniece
Kohl Montgomery Brandon 8th grandnephew
Korynth Ivy Ramsby 8th Grandniece
Kris Foster 8th Grandniece
Kristen Susan Vardanega 8th Grandniece
Kristofer Longmore 8th grandnephew
Kristopher Pickett 8th grandnephew
Kyla Brooke Albin 8th Grandniece
Kyle Joe Barnes 8th grandnephew
Kyle Jones , II 8th grandnephew
Kylie Alexia Greer 8th Grandniece
Lacy Ann Cartwright 8th Grandniece
Landon Foster Haynes 8th grandnephew
Larry Randall Hodge Jr. 8th grandnephew
Laura Alyson Sandifer 8th Grandniece
Laura Amanda Alford 8th Grandniece
Laura Ann Murphy 8th Grandniece
Laura Beth Heavner 8th Grandniece
Laura Christene Harvey 8th Grandniece
Laura Elizabeth Brown 8th Grandniece
Laura Janet Vardanega 8th Grandniece
Lauren Carroll 8th Grandniece
Lauren Emily Drabwell 8th Grandniece
Lauren Tyler Stephens 8th Grandniece
Lauren Virginia Kyzar 8th Grandniece
Laury Kay Pettigrew 8th Grandniece
Lauryn Ashley Pullig 8th Grandniece
Lauryn Leigh Theriot 8th Grandniece
Layne Alexander Lease 8th Grandniece
Leah Marie Rasmussen 8th Grandniece
Lee Allen Haynes , Jr. 8th grandnephew
Lee Garrett Glaser 8th grandnephew
Leigh Jeanne Haynes 8th Grandniece
Lem Thomas Jones 8th grandnephew
Lesha Denise Apponey 8th Grandniece
Lesley Ann Boose 8th Grandniece
Lesley Danielle Cates 8th Grandniece
Leslie Shay Thomas 8th Grandniece
Levi Austin Lease 8th grandnephew
Lief Dwight Rasmussen 8th grandnephew
Lillian Johanna Robinette 8th Grandniece
Lily Isabella Hodges 8th Grandniece
Lloyd Wade Foster 8th grandnephew
Logan Bruce Pumilio 8th grandnephew
Logan Scott Bonnette, 8th grandnephew
Logan William McWiggins 8th grandnephew
Lorna Rae Bechtel 8th Grandniece
Lucia Marie Pagni 8th Grandniece
Luke Hunter Rasmussen 8th grandnephew
Luke Jameson Jones 8th grandnephew
Lydia Rand White 8th Grandniece
Lyndee Lane Debetaz 8th Grandniece
Madeline Gilcrease 8th Grandniece
Madeline Marie Butler 8th Grandniece
Madelyne Grace Cappadonna 8th Grandniece
Madison Emma Hunter 8th Grandniece
Madison Neely 8th Grandniece
Madison Paige Dupree 8th Grandniece
Maggie Brooke O'Neill 8th Grandniece
Mallory Noelle Ryan 8th Grandniece
Mallory Teer 8th Grandniece
Marcus Cooper Clark 8th grandnephew
Margaret Louise Jones 8th Grandniece
Mariah Jayne Pumilio 8th Grandniece
Maribeth Gillis 8th Grandniece
Marissa Kay Adams 8th Grandniece
Mark Jason Roller 8th grandnephew
Mark Steven Flenniken 8th grandnephew
Marshall Long Alford 8th grandnephew
Marshall Saylor Snead 8th grandnephew
Mason Cade Palmer 8th grandnephew
Mason Daniel Aucoin 8th grandnephew
Mason Harold Wooden 8th grandnephew
Mason Neely 8th grandnephew
Matthew Adkins Boose 8th grandnephew
Matthew Baker 8th grandnephew
Matthew David Reeder 8th grandnephew
Person not exported due to privacy settings
Matthew Joseph Woodham, 8th grandnephew
Matthew Michael Rasberry, 8th grandnephew
Matthew Niel Rambin 8th grandnephew
Matthew Rogers Anglin 8th grandnephew
Matthew Ryon Tower 8th grandnephew
Matthew Trace Bond 8th grandnephew
Matthew Tyler Browning 8th grandnephew
Mchele Teer 8th Grandniece
Me'lia Lindsey Kuhn 8th Grandniece
Meagan Elizabeth Palmer 8th Grandniece
Megan La-Neah Montoya 8th Grandniece
Megan Leanne McEntyre 8th Grandniece
Megan Leigh Snead 8th Grandniece
Megan Marie Flenniken 8th Grandniece
Megan Michele Butler 8th Grandniece
Megan Noel Brown 8th Grandniece
Meghan Jane Thurlkill 8th Grandniece
Melanie Lauren Bailiff 8th Grandniece
Melanie Ruth Morgan 8th Grandniece
Melinda Sunshine Sterling 8th Grandniece
Melissa Ann Murphy 8th Grandniece
Melissa Lelani Greer 8th Grandniece
Melissa Price 8th Grandniece
Meredith Aurora Ellett 8th Grandniece
Mia Rose Cappadonna 8th Grandniece
Micaela Cargle 8th Grandniece
Michael Christopher Smith 8th grandnephew
Michael Daniel Simpson 8th grandnephew
Michael David Hunter 8th grandnephew
Michael Henry Cole II 8th grandnephew
Michael Hewitt 8th grandnephew
Michael Hunter White 8th grandnephew
Michael Justin Lee 8th grandnephew
Michael Pickett 8th grandnephew
Michael Ray Young , II 8th grandnephew
Michael Terrell Methvin 8th grandnephew
Mikayla Evarose Tencer 8th Grandniece
Miranda Gilcrease 8th Grandniece
Miranda Renee Robinette 8th Grandniece
Misty Darlene Rambin 8th Grandniece
Misty Lane Keith 8th Grandniece
Mitchell Joseph Snead 8th grandnephew
Molly Ann Teer 8th Grandniece
Molly Gahagan Heurtin 8th Grandniece
Morgan Bruce Dugas 8th grandnephew
Morgan Leslie Parker 8th Grandniece
Morgan Lynn Cunningham 8th Grandniece
Morgan Nicole Neely 8th Grandniece
Morgan Taylor Young 8th Grandniece
Natalie Marie Nola 8th Grandniece
Nathan Unknown 8th grandnephew
Nathan William Young 8th grandnephew
Nicholas Alexander Heavner 8th grandnephew
Nicholas Glen "Nick" Smith 8th grandnephew
Nicholas Michael Kuhn 8th grandnephew
Nicholas Ryan 8th grandnephew
Nicholas Ryan Perez 8th grandnephew
Noah James Roy 8th grandnephew
Odrey Gavin Bechtel 8th grandnephew
Olivia Faith Mitchell, 8th Grandniece
Olivia Rose Bradley 8th Grandniece
Paige Allison Nealy 8th Grandniece
Patricia Anne Thurmond 8th Grandniece
Patricia Laine Walsworth 8th Grandniece
Patrick J. Browne 8th grandnephew
Patrick Pace 8th grandnephew
Patrick Preslar Hill , Jr. 8th grandnephew
Paul-Michael Christian 8th grandnephew
Paula Ann Florane 8th Grandniece
Paula Louise "Sissy" Pickett 8th Grandniece
Paxton Thomas Sanders 8th grandnephew
Peter Martin Gahagan 8th grandnephew
Peyton Samuel Bailiff 8th grandnephew
Philip Wayne McEntyre 8th grandnephew
Phillip Doyle Walsworth II 8th grandnephew
Powell Britain Auer 8th grandnephew
Rachael Kathleen Young 8th Grandniece
Rachel Clare Rorick 8th Grandniece
Rachel Elizabeth Hughes 8th Grandniece
Rachel Elizabeth Karr 8th Grandniece
Rachel Lynn Van Buren, 8th Grandniece
Rachel Morgan "Rachel" Dupree 8th Grandniece
Rachel Noreen Taylor 8th Grandniece
Ramona Annette Thomas 8th Grandniece
Randall Blake Harvill 8th grandnephew
Randall Pickett 8th grandnephew
Rebecca Elizabeth Browne 8th Grandniece
Rebecca Lynn Greer 8th Grandniece
Rebecca leigh Hughes 8th Grandniece
Rebekah Grace Dupree 8th Grandniece
Reid Scott Rorick 8th grandnephew
Rhett Samuel Breedlove 8th grandnephew
Rhiannon Nicole Browne 8th Grandniece
Rhomen Grayson Vari 8th grandnephew
Rhonda Renee Rawls 8th Grandniece
Richann Yukimi Benedito 8th grandnephew
Richard Allen Davis 8th grandnephew
Richard Carroll "Ricky" McDonald Jr. 8th grandnephew
Richard Doyal 8th grandnephew
Richard James "Ric" Rogers 8th grandnephew
Richard Jones 8th grandnephew
Richard Samuel Browne IV 8th grandnephew
Robert "Bobby" Benton Preslar 8th grandnephew
Robert Allen Lee 8th grandnephew
Robert Baker 8th grandnephew
Robert Crwford Breedlove 8th grandnephew
Robert Earl James . IV 8th grandnephew
Robert Jared Apponey 8th grandnephew
Robert Jeffrey Scaife 8th grandnephew
Robert Paul Glaser Jr. 8th grandnephew
Robin Teer 8th Grandniece
Rodney Colton Doyal 8th grandnephew
Roman Anthony Vardanega 8th grandnephew
Ronald Orie Browne 8th grandnephew
Ronald Wayne Alford , Jr. 8th grandnephew
Ross William Breedlove 8th grandnephew
Russel Timothy Rush 8th grandnephew
Ryan Cole Morris 8th grandnephew
Ryan Joseph Thompson 8th grandnephew
Ryan Keith Kopcso 8th grandnephew
Ryan Lamar Bullock 8th grandnephew
Ryder Houston Walters 8th grandnephew
Ryland Ellyce Jones 8th Grandniece
Sabrina Kellye Sigler 8th Grandniece
Sabrina Phillips 8th Grandniece
Sage Rose Harris 8th Grandniece
Samantha Ann Hunter 8th Grandniece
Samantha Lynn Walters 8th Grandniece
Samantha Marie McCart 8th Grandniece
Samantha Renee Perez 8th Grandniece
Samuel Carroll 8th grandnephew
Samuel Colin "Sam" Wood 8th grandnephew
Samuel Wallace Liggin Jr. 8th grandnephew
Sandra Jean Hunter 8th Grandniece
Sara Leigh Milner 8th Grandniece
Sarah Frances Jones 8th Grandniece
Sarah Madeline Reeder 8th Grandniece
Sarah McKenzie Smith 8th Grandniece
Sarah Nicole Deaver 8th Grandniece
Savana Joy Harris 8th Grandniece
Savanah Bella Tolentino 8th Grandniece
Scarlett Lynn Parker 8th Grandniece
Scott Burnley 8th grandnephew
Scott Joseph Auer 8th grandnephew
Sean Michael Single 8th grandnephew
Sean Snead 8th grandnephew
Shannon Leigh Zimzores 8th Grandniece
Sharon Elizabeth Kyzar 8th Grandniece
Shealy Grace "Gracie" Almond 8th Grandniece
Shelby Ryan Stanley 8th grandnephew
Shelly Diane Breedlove 8th Grandniece
Shelton Talmadge Parker . IV 8th grandnephew
Sidney Claire Gahagan 8th Grandniece
Sophia Vaden 8th Grandniece
Soran Angelo Vardanega 8th grandnephew
Steffany Renee Sewell 8th Grandniece
Stephanie Aranda Bullock 8th Grandniece
Stephanie Joan Barbo 8th Grandniece
Stephen Carroll 8th grandnephew
Stephen Christopher Robinette 8th grandnephew
Stephen Sean Ogburn 8th grandnephew
Steven Barrett Newhouse 8th grandnephew
Stormee Renae Boyd 8th Grandniece
Stormy Nicole Long 8th Grandniece
Susie Kay Vercher 8th Grandniece
Tami Lynn Newhouse 8th Grandniece
Tanner Brandy Zavala 8th Grandniece
Tanya Cherie Morgan 8th Grandniece
Tara Breeze Canady 8th Grandniece
Tara Marie Phillippi 8th Grandniece
Tayler Jace Harvill 8th Grandniece
Taylor Britt Berlin 8th Grandniece
Taylor Jordan Hilyer 8th grandnephew
Taylor Lynn DeLaune 8th Grandniece
Tena Marie Foster 8th Grandniece
Teresa Dyan Smith 8th Grandniece
Terry Wayne Florane 8th grandnephew
Thomas Franklin Canady 8th grandnephew
Thomas James Cosme 8th grandnephew
Thomas Jefferson Rivers 8th grandnephew
Thomas Len "Tommy" Pickett 8th grandnephew
Thomas Morgan Aldredge 8th grandnephew
Thor Debetaz 8th grandnephew
Tia-Rhae Edwards 8th Grandniece
Tiffany Lynn (Leamont) Berberet 8th Grandniece
Tiffany Teer 8th Grandniece
Timothy Clayton Greer 8th grandnephew
Timothy Jason Harvill Jr. 8th grandnephew
Timothy Joseph Newhouse 8th grandnephew
Timothy Walter Thurlkill 8th grandnephew
Timothy Wayne Chester 8th grandnephew
Tina Rene Florane 8th Grandniece
Tolbert Nicholas "Nick" Thomas 8th grandnephew
Tori Lisa (Barnes) McLaren 8th Grandniece
Travis Owen Buckmaster 8th grandnephew
Trenady Marie Edwards 8th Grandniece
Trent Lane Cannon 8th grandnephew
Trey Andrew Davis 8th grandnephew
Trey D. Edwards 8th grandnephew
Tristan Steven-Dean Harvill 8th Grandniece
Tristen Blake Jones 8th Grandniece
Tucker Gauge Sanders 8th grandnephew
Turner Stephens Jones , IV 8th grandnephew
Tyler Anne Hussey 8th Grandniece
Tyler Glen Jones , II 8th grandnephew
Tyler Jesse Walker 8th grandnephew
Tyler Lane Cannon 8th grandnephew
Tyler Lee Serio 8th grandnephew
Tyler Vaughn Snead 8th grandnephew
Unknown Gahagan 8th grandnephew
Valerie Michelle McDonald 8th Grandniece
Veronica Baxter Nee Jones 8th Grandniece
Vicki Teer 8th Grandniece
Victoria Lee Vardanega 8th Grandniece
Virginia Sue Cartwright 8th Grandniece
Wendy LaJuan Robinette 8th Grandniece
Wendy Michelle Woodham, 8th Grandniece
Wendy Snead 8th Grandniece
Wesley Shane Cates 8th grandnephew
Whitley Athleen Gillis 8th Grandniece
Willaim Charles Teer , Jr. 8th grandnephew
William Andrew Sander 8th grandnephew
William Brodie Palmer 8th grandnephew
William Davis "Will" Sandifer 8th grandnephew
William Elias "Will" Hunter 8th grandnephew
William Gene Key , Jr. 8th grandnephew
William Leslie Hunter IV 8th grandnephew
William Michael Aldredge 8th grandnephew
William Parker Almond 8th grandnephew
William Paul Messenger 8th grandnephew
William Tanner Berlin 8th grandnephew
William Treavar Key 8th grandnephew
Winfred Tremmell "Witt" Almond , IV 8th grandnephew
Zachary Alan Serio 8th grandnephew
Zachary Conner O'Neill 8th grandnephew
Zachary David Strahan 8th grandnephew
Zachary Franklin Morgan 8th grandnephew
Zachary James "Zach" Morris 8th grandnephew
Zachary Robert Sparks 8th grandnephew
Zachary Wade Greer 8th grandnephew
Henry Barrett Pope , Jr. 8th grandnephew Columbia, SC 26 Mar 1970 29 Jun 1977
Charles Allen "Charlie" Thomas 8th grandnephew North Carolina 28 Dec 1978 20 Apr 1980
Elizabeth Ann Hill 8th Grandniece Flushing, Queens Co., NY 5 Feb 1980 5 Jan 1983
Richard Freeman Gahagan 8th grandnephew New Orleans, LA 30 Dec 1983 New Orleans, LA 11 Jan 1984
Chaz Ryan O'Neill 8th grandnephew Shreveport, LA 1 Jul 1988 Reno, NV 8 Dec 2006
Abra Michelle Tencer 8th Grandniece 14 Jan 1990 Fairfield, CA 14 Jan 1990
Valerie Anne LaPlue
Tiffany Lynn LaPlue
Joshua Chase Lambright
Zachary David LaPlue
Camden Cade Lambright
Annie Christine Tarver
Melodie Grace LaPlue
Joseph Shaylon Tarver
Braxton Layne Tarver
Copper Dayne Tarver
Sibley Paige Rose
Ainsley Elizabeth Houtz
Todd Neo Tarver
Shelby Dupree Rose
9th grandnephews & 9th grandnieces
Aaron Cooper 9th grandnephew
Abigail Dawn Kuntz 9th Grandniece
Addison Marie Bounds 9th Grandniece
Alania D. Keathly 9th Grandniece
Alex Michael Lindsey 9th grandnephew
Alexander Bradley "Alex or A.J." Jennings 9th grandnephew
Alexander Gregory Heavner 9th grandnephew
Alexander Joseph Auer 9th grandnephew
Alexander York Roller 9th grandnephew
Alexis Nicole Flenniken 9th Grandniece
Alyssa Beth Ogburn 9th Grandniece
Alyssa Marie Sander 9th Grandniece
Amelia Irene Roller 9th Grandniece
Anna Elizabeth Thompson 9th Grandniece
Annabelle Regan Stanley 9th Grandniece
Anne-Marie Auer 9th Grandniece
Ashton Cole Teer 9th grandnephew
Aubrey Jean Cunningham 9th Grandniece
Bailey Michelle Cates 9th Grandniece
Brad Locklear , Jr. 9th grandnephew
Brennen William Yarbro 9th grandnephew
Britin Alan Cunningham 9th grandnephew
Brittany Nicole Ross 9th Grandniece
Brooklyn Marie Cunningham 9th Grandniece
Bryan Scaife 9th grandnephew
Bryan Xiavier lee Donica 9th grandnephew
Cailie Marie Ashley 9th Grandniece
Caitlin Lee Ashley 9th Grandniece
Caroline Grace Doyal 9th Grandniece
Caroline Li Pack 9th Grandniece
Carson Garth Cunningham 9th grandnephew
Carter jon-Mikel Martison 9th grandnephew
Cecilia Mae Christian 9th Grandniece
Chance Porter Doyal 9th grandnephew
Charles Ryan Newhouse 9th grandnephew
Charlotte Michelle Sewell 9th Grandniece
Chasity Rene Matthews 9th Grandniece
Chaston Hunter Doyal 9th grandnephew
Christopher Shane Hodge Jr. 9th grandnephew
Cody Louis Ashley 9th grandnephew
Colby Gage Burton 9th grandnephew
Connor Mahlon Yarbro 9th grandnephew
Courtney Grace "Graycie" Smith 9th Grandniece
Crawford Eliot Labbe' 9th grandnephew
Daneil Preston Thompson 9th grandnephew
David Lane Sexton 9th grandnephew
Dillon Lane Sexton 9th grandnephew
Dixey Piper Auer 9th Grandniece
Dixon Cade Lasseigne 9th grandnephew
Drake Allen Burton 9th grandnephew
Eli Avery Teer 9th grandnephew
Eliana Keller 9th Grandniece
Eliza Jewell Foster 9th Grandniece
Elizabeth Emelia Hill 9th Grandniece
Ella Claire Teer 9th Grandniece
Emery Lou Harmon 9th Grandniece
Eric Teer 9th grandnephew
Erica Coleen Key 9th Grandniece
Faith Elizabeth Manuel 9th Grandniece
Grayson Cade Davis 9th grandnephew
Grayson Thomas Werth 9th grandnephew
Haylee Lynne Nichols 9th Grandniece
Isa Cooper 9th grandnephew
Isabel Frances Black 9th Grandniece
Jacob Elijah "Jake" Jones 9th grandnephew
Jacob Terrance Gotchall 9th grandnephew
Jada Grace Morgan 9th Grandniece
Jadden Creed White 9th grandnephew
James Benjamin Auer 9th grandnephew
James Byron Garrity , III 9th grandnephew
James Ross 9th grandnephew
Jarden Marie Womack 9th Grandniece
Jeffrey Daniel Johnson 9th grandnephew
John Charles Pack 9th grandnephew
John Marshall Breuer 9th grandnephew
Jonas Emnmanuel Browne 9th grandnephew
Jordan David Johnson 9th grandnephew
Jordan Renay Flenniken 9th Grandniece
Joshua Chance Jones 9th grandnephew
Kaleb Patrick Duck 9th grandnephew
Kandice Aleece Glaser 9th grandnephew
Katelynn Danielle Kuntz 9th Grandniece
Katelynn Jean Nichole Newhouse 9th Grandniece
Kathryn Grace "Katie" Evanson 9th Grandniece
Katie Lynn Marie Donica 9th Grandniece
Keith Winford "Win" Jennings , Jr. 9th grandnephew
Kellen Patrick McCarrick 9th grandnephew
Kelly Ann Foster 9th Grandniece
Kelly Scaife 9th Grandniece
Kelsey Elise Hodge 9th Grandniece
Kendal Lee Davis 9th grandnephew
Kennedy Blake Hodge 9th grandnephew
Kimberly Danielle Jennings 9th Grandniece
Kristen Ashley Johnson 9th grandnephew
Kristian Skylar Hodge 9th Grandniece
Kylie Nicole Rawls 9th Grandniece
Leeanna Rubino 9th Grandniece
Levi Sewell Martin 9th grandnephew
Luke Morgan 9th grandnephew
Luke Walker 9th grandnephew
Madden Evaughn Weaver 9th Grandniece
Mason Alexis Harper 9th Grandniece
Matthew Lane Ogburn 9th grandnephew
Morgan Lynn Cunningham 9th Grandniece
Nadja Browne 9th Grandniece
Naomi Dru Browne 9th Grandniece
Nathan Orie Browne 9th grandnephew
Nicholas Gage Smith 9th grandnephew
Noa Dell Browne 9th Grandniece
Oliva Teer 9th Grandniece
Paxton Thomas Genola 9th grandnephew
Payton Michael Thornton 9th grandnephew
Riley Elizabeth Foster 9th Grandniece
Robert Kenneth McCabe 9th grandnephew
Robert Scaife 9th grandnephew
Rueben Michael Smith 9th grandnephew
Ryan Glen Gotchall 9th grandnephew
Samuel Piers McGinley 9th grandnephew
Samuel Warren Weaver 9th grandnephew
Sara Ruth Smith 9th Grandniece
Sheldon Charles Labbe' 9th grandnephew
Sidney Gage Brunson, 9th grandnephew
Sofia Michelle Sewell 9th Grandniece
Somebody Lindsey 9th grandnephew
Stephen Blake Davis 9th grandnephew
Stormie Marie Ross 9th Grandniece
Susanna Grace Garrity 9th Grandniece
Timothy Jacob Newhouse 9th grandnephew
Trevor Lynn Martin 9th grandnephew
Trey Philip Heavner 9th grandnephew
Tyler Cole Hodge 9th grandnephew
Virginia Powell Breuer 9th Grandniece
Wiliam Edward Black , Jr. 9th grandnephew
Will Aiden Walker 9th grandnephew
William Andrew Lum 9th grandnephew
William Treavar Key 9th grandnephew
Wyatt Morgan Black 9th grandnephew
Zachary Franklin Morgan 9th grandnephew
Kelsey Leann Rachal
Ethan David Kuntz 9th grandnephew Grandview, MO 13 Sep 2005 Grandview, MO 24 Nov 2005
Alexander Jesse Perez
Owen Robert Perez
Ryder Houston Blayne Lambright
10th grandnephews & 10th grandnieces
Ashley Rene Eakes 10th Grandniece


Date Age Event Category
Dec 25, 1642 - Mar 20, 1726 (-73.6) - 9.7 Life of Isaac Newton Personalities
Mar 21, 1685 - Jul 28, 1750 (-31.3) - 34.0 Life of Johann Sebastian Bach Personalities
May 24, 1686 - Sep 16, 1736 (-30.1) - 20.2 Life of Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit Personalities
Jan 18, 1689 - Feb 10, 1755 (-27.5) - 38.6 Life of Charles De Secondat, Baron de Montequieu Personalities
Jan 17, 1706 - Apr 17, 1790 (-10.5) - 73.8 Life of Benjamin Franklin Personalities
Feb 22, 1732 - Dec 14, 1799 15.6 - 83.5 Life of George Washington Personalities
Dec 23, 1732 - Aug 5, 1792 16.4 - 76.1 Life of Richard Arkwright Personalities
1737 21.0 Dissolution of the House of Medici Italy
Aug 28, 1749 - Mar 22, 1832 33.1 - 115.8 Life of Johann Wolfgang Goethe Personalities
Nov 1, 1755 39.3 Great Lisbon Earthquake Disasters
1756 - 1763 40.0 - 47.0 Seven Years' War Wars & Military Conflicts
Feb 10, 1763 46.6 Treaty of 1763 ('Peace of Paris'), Spain cedes Florida to Britain. USA
Aug 15, 1769 - May 5, 1821 53.1 - 104.9 Life of Napoléon Bonaparte Personalities
Dec 17, 1770 - Mar 26, 1827 54.5 - 110.8 Life of Ludwig von Beethoven Personalities
Dec 16, 1773 57.5 Boston Tea Party USA
Jan 20, 1775 - Jun 10, 1836 58.5 - 120.0 Life of André Marie Ampère Personalities
Jul 4, 1776 60.0 Declaration of Independence USA